CxC Afterparty Kicks Off Circle Of Blood, A Live Show Based On David Mack's Kabuki At Shadowbox Live

The live/video/rock fusion show runs until November 5th at Shadowbox Live in Columbus, Ohio.

Starting this weekend and running until November 5th, Columbus's Shadowbox Live theater, located in the downtown Brewery district, features a comic book adaptation unlike any you've ever seen. Inspired by the graphic novel Kabuki: Circle of Blood by David Mack, Circle of Blood features a live performance mixed with thousands of video queues and an original rock soundtrack. The Saturday night after party for Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CxC), an annual comics festival held throughout the city and at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, took place at Shadowbox Live.

Mack was on hand to host the party, introduce the show, and mingle with the visiting cartoonists and local comics community. Mack also attended CxC during the day on Saturday.

The show's description reads:

Neo-Tokyo, 2057: A world where crime and corruption is met with swift and merciless justice. This is the world of Kabuki, a deadly assassin employed by The Noh: a shadow government bent on maintaining the balance between good and evil. When The Noh is infiltrated by a dark figure from her past, Kabuki begins a fateful journey of vengeance that could bring all of Japan to its knees. But as she steps into this Circle of Blood, will Kabuki finally find peace?

With a story inspired by New York Times Best Selling author David Mack's graphic novel (Kabuki: Circle of Blood) and told through a 'meta-media' fusion of live and digital performances, Shadowbox Live® takes on its darkest, most ambitious production ever.

Shadowbox Live is a non-profit 501C3 performance troupe that has produced live shows in Columbus including musicals, modern dance, art exhibits, and rock operas for more than 20 years. If you find yourself in Columbus in the next month, head to Shadowbox's website to reserve tickets for Circle of Blood. Tickets run about $35.

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