Dan Rather, Seth Abramson, & More Put Politics in Comics with New World Citizen Comics Line

People are always complaining that there aren't enough politics in comics. What's that? You're telling me people are actually complaining that there is too much politics in comics? Nah. That would be too stupid to anyone who's ever read one and can't possibly be true. So we're going to assume people are always complaining there are not enough politics in comics, and First Second Books has heard these complaints and offers a solution.

First Second Books is launching a new comics line with a goal to "fight corruption in elections, blast fake news with truth-telling, and even battle would-be dictators both near and far through a better understanding of constitutions and the rule of law," according to an access journalism article on Entertainment Weekly. And to lend authenticity, World Citizen Comics will bring in names such as Dan Rather, Seth Abramson, Jennifer L. Pozner, and more to produce their new line of politically-minded titles.

Said First Second Creative and Editorial Director Mark Siegel:

Why comics? It's my medium, it's where I live,. It's also where I see young people living and, increasingly, adults, too. We're in a highly visual age, and the graphic novel blurs age categories, genres, and connects across all popular culture.

In the last two years, Democracy has taken a heavy blow. We are in a time of great testing for the American experiment, and for Democracy everywhere," he tells EW. "At first I was filled with anger, to the point it wasn't good for me. When leaders are brazenly dishonest, have no use for democracy, a free press, or the foundations of this nation, and there's mounting evidence that criminals have taken over the Oval Office itself, it's easy to feel helpless.

Titles include What Unites Us, written Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner, with art by Tim Foley, an adaptation of Rathers' 2017 book, Citizen Journalist, a book by Seth Abramson teaching people how to do the activism on the twitter, with Scott McCloud attached as a consultant, The Fault Lines in the Constitution, by Cynthia and Sanford Levinson, with art by Ally Shwed, adapting that book about what needs to be updated in the Constitution and how to do it, The Media Adventurer's Handbook, by Melissa Hart, teaching readers how to decode fake news, Breaking (the) News, a comic by Jennifer L. Pozner, with art by Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb, looking at how the media has influenced voting over the years, Unrig: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy, by Dan Newman, with art by George O'Connor, about getting the money out of politics, and Re-Constitution, by Beka Feathers, with art by Kasia Babis, about resisting authoritarianism.

The first title, Unrig, is set to hit stores next March (not this March, but March 2020). Check out art from some of the books below:

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