Ahead Of Tonight's Dark Days: The Forge #1, All Of Jim Lee's Sketches For The Immortal Men (SPOILERS)

Tonight sees the release of Dark Days: The Forge #1. Apropos of nothing, here's a look at Jim Lee's sketches for The Immortal Men, his new Dark Matter series with James Tynion IV.

jim lee


the-immortal-men-010_58f8dbcf6426f7-52832239-1 the-immortal-men-009_58f8dbb9560921-33193695-1 the-immortal-men-016_58f8e0c4e0bae2-19719996 the-immortal-men-015_58f8e09b9e7617-68437790 the-immortal-men-014_58f8e082ce40f7-18671489 the-immortal-men-013_58f8deece3ded4-43679424 the-immortal-men-012_58f8ded365e1d8-17593199 the-immortal-men-011_58f8debc0e37e6-84029121 the-immortal-men-008_58f8dba24c1d50-54752305 the-immortal-men-007_58f8db80c25053-66350852 the-immortal-men-006_58f8db67b07689-49042049 the-immortal-men-005_58f8db5130a218-15739240 the-immortal-men-004-color_58f8db13227569-07085802 the-immortal-men-004_58f84975b46360-32012789 the-immortal-men-003c_58f8daf9bc6eb0-27045415 the-immortal-men-003b_58f8dac608d9f2-29989300 the-immortal-men-003a_58f8da8de16383-20100923 the-immortal-men-002b_58f8da6b5f5e87-01685660 the-immortal-men-002a_58f84b4ead9835-43160974-1 the-immortal-men-001c_58f84b0b420ef3-39321882-1 the-immortal-men-001b_58f84ab1b7bab5-08648160-1 the-immortal-men-001a_58f84a3044dec4-14350271-1

Why are we showing you all this now? Well, if you made it this far, you deserve a teaser…




Dark Days: The Forge #1 by virtually everyone (but mostly Jim Lee) will be released by DC Comics at midnight tonight.

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