Dark Horse Explores A WWII Tragedy With Nanjing: The Burning City

Dark Horse will explore the horrors of the Nanjing Massacre of 1937 with a graphic novel this coming August. From award winning graphic novelist, Ethan Young (Tails) comes Nanjing: The Burning City. The story will follow two abandoned Chinese soldiers as they attempt to escape the city. Despite the horror of the war, bravery will prevail. Drawn in Young's critically acclaimed style, Nanjing: The Burning City will bring new insight to this World War II tragedy.

Young spoke about the graphic novel by saying,

My purpose with this book is not only to inform readers of the event, but also to stretch my storytelling skills. I wanted to craft something both classical and cinematic…My hope is that anyone who picks up this book, without reading the words, can visually follow what's going on.

It's great when publishers release graphic novels with historical context like this. Being able to view powerful images when reading something that is already emotional and upsetting, amplifies the impact it has. The fact that Young is stating that he wants the images to speak for themselves alone goes to show how much work he is putting into making the book an intense read.

Young is an incredibly talented artist, so I truly look forward to seeing his interpretation of this. To see more of Ethan Young's work visit his websiteNanjing: The Burning City will be released in stores this August for $24.99.


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