David Petersen Shows Us His Artwork Process For Wind In The Willows

Last week, Bleeding Cool reported that Wind in the Willows will be releasing in the Fall. Now we are getting a bit of a look inside artist, David Petersen's process working on the book. He shared on his blog today the journey of working on the wrap around cover, which he also does for his Mouse Guard books. However, before that, he spoke of the importance of a cover…

"Because books are often judged by their cover, I wanted to make sure Wind in the Willows is perceived as an ensemble cast book with 4 main characters, rather than just "Mr. Toad & his Wild Ride"."

As you can see in the cover, we get a wider scene with more characters.



Taking on a project with such a big reputation was a challenge for Petersen, only because he wanted to live up to those that worked on the story before him. He continued:

"It's been tremendously difficult to illustrate as I'm trying to live up to the spirit of the original text while living in the shadows of illustrators like E. H. Shepard, Arthur Rackham, Inga Moore, and Robert Ingpen (among many others) who have visualized this tale in ways impossible not to be influenced by. The challenge of doing this story right has lead me to push my work further than I ever have, and I think my artwork will be forever changed by it for the better."

To read the rest of Petersen's post, visit his blog. Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter for sneak peaks of Wind in the Willows like this one…

Wind in the Willows will release from IDW Publishing this October.

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