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Dave Petersen Returns To Mouse Guard in July
And every world could use more of that." Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver Mouse Guard is a New York Times Bestselling, Eisner & Harvey Award winning comic book series written and illustrated by David Petersen Digging into his love of animal stories and medieval role playing games, David created a fantasy adventure world of cloaked, sword wielding mice[...]
It's hard to talk about so enjoy me fail after the first two pages from the preview (that continues throughout). The hashed pencil work and muted tones are very much akin to David Petersen's Mouse Guard series It's no mistake that it's mentioned in the same sentences in the blurbs and praise. //Mouse Guard is slightly more[...]
BOOM! Studios #RoadtoSanDiego Announcement #9: A Mouse Guard Movie!
David Petersen's hit series Mouse Guard from Archaia is becoming a movie! This may be the most exciting news yet, well at least it is for the fangirl inside of me I adore the series, and it looks like it's going to be getting the same treatment that the recent Jungle Book movie did this year[...]
A David Petersen Fall: Wind in the Willows & A Mouse Guard Collection
Currently David Petersen is busy sharing bits and pieces of Wind in the Willows with us to build excitement for the books hardcover release in October Yes, there will also be a Mouse Guard coloring book to look forward to, but there's more! While the leaves are falling we'll be grabbing tons of Petersen works[...]
From The Page To Bricks: Mouse Guard: Art Of Bricks HC Out Tomorrow
This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Mouse Guard creator David Petersen has had people make lego-type art with his characters before, and he's done some himself Now we get to see that process. This week brings the release of Mouse Guard: Art of Bricks HC. The book is being put out by Archaia, and Alice Finch is[...]
There's Still Time To Pre-Order Mouse Guard's Lieam & Sadie Plush
David Petersen tweeted to followers yesterday that there's limited time to grab the Mouse Guard plush, and you're not going to want to pass these up Take a look… The Lieam & Sadie plush from @SkeltonCrew are limited & only 6 days left to order: https://t.co/7E3yx4lpMh pic.twitter.com/J8cfPoNvkS — David Petersen (@mouseguard) May 26, 2016 You can pre-order them separately if you[...]
David Petersen Shows Us His Artwork Process For Wind In The Willows
Now we are getting a bit of a look inside artist, David Petersen's process working on the book He shared on his blog today the journey of working on the wrap around cover, which he also does for his Mouse Guard books However, before that, he spoke of the importance of a cover… "Because books are often judged by their[...]
"This Is Also A Bucket List Project For Me" David Petersen Talks The Wind In The Willows
Since its first publication in 1908, generations of adults and children have cherished Kenneth Grahame's classic, The Wind in the Willows, now Eisner Award-winning creator of Mouse Guard, David Petersen is taking the reigns. To me, Petersen's art style is so fitting to this story Being a fan of Mouse Guard, it's easy to see the influence The Wind[...]
The Perfect Variety: Gotham Academy #17 Ends The Yearbook ARC With A Bang
A giant cat-like monster makes an appearance, and scares the heck out of Maps and Olive. Last, but certainly not least is What Became of the Gilkey Warlocks, written and illustrated by David Petersen. I've been dying to read this short, and I'm happy to report that it satisfied my thoughts on what I hoped it would be[...]
Mouse Guard Meets Gotham: David Petersen Talks Gotham Academy #17
Much like David Petersen's Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard, this issue will bring together a few different creators to tell their own tales Faith Erin Hicks, Michael Dialynas, and you guessed it…David Petersen are all included in the mix! Today, Petersen shared some of his thoughts on being part of this Gotham Academy issue on[...]
The Mouse Guard World Expands WIth Coloring Books And Plush
Mouse Guard is an incredibly memorable comic from Archaia written and illustrated by David Petersen. Earlier today we got some exciting news on behalf of the series, and it involves crayons and stuffed animals! Yep, that's right…a Mouse Guard coloring book is on the way Some plush will be available too. I have to say, the idea of a coloring book[...]
If It Isn't Weasel War, What Is It? Tell Us David Petersen.
I'm talking to you David Petersen. The wildly talented creator of Mouse Guard has been sharing some progress on social media, but it isn't for Weasel War! When I chatted with him back in October, that was the next project on the list after Wind of the Willows. Whatever it is, I'm sure that it will be great[...]
A "Snowy Valentine" For The David Petersen Fan In Your Life
Mouse Guard creator David Petersen's book Snowy Valentine, just might be the perfect answer for you. I'm a huge fan of Petersen's art style, and the cover of this book alone makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside The story follows Jasper the bunny as he searches the forest valley for a special gift for his loved one[...]