DC Comics 100-Page Giants Will Only Have 12 Pages of Exclusive Story, Will Be Reprinted This Year: Palmiotti

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran the story that DC Comics was to issue 100-page anthologies of their comics exclusively through Walmart and that each would contain original comic book stories from the cream of their talent pool. And those involved were thrilled including Tim Seeley (who kindly linked to out original report):

Dan Jurgens looking to a new audience and an old masthead:

And Jimmy Palmiotti revelling in the new work he had, and giving us more details:

And possibly in reference to yesterday's story about DC changing their paper stock away from glossy:

But in discussion with comic store retailers concerned about the exclusive story content that they won't be able to order, Palmiotti replied:

That's the first time we've heard how long these exclusive stories will be. Twelve pages an issue, out of the 100 pages. Add between 60 and 66 pages from the reprint issues, and that's 22-28 pages an issue to be filled with editorial, ads, and covers.

And that's also the first confirmation that the exclusive content will be collected separately later in 2018. Will that satisfy comic book retailers? Unlikely.

But here's Jimmy's own copy of the first Batman title.

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