DC Comics Ask What Readers Thought Of Supergirl Finale…

The DC Comics Facebook page just sent out the following message to its readers. "An end is just a beginning. What did you think of SUPERGIRL #42?" Which would have been all well and good if the finale issues hadn't been cancelled in print with Supergirl #41 and #42 being published digital-only. So what did people think? Well, here are a few from the last few minutes…

DC Comics Ask What Readers Thought Of Supergirl Finale...
DC Comics Ask What Readers Thought Of Supergirl Finale…

Jonathan Dye I am constantly amazed how you can have a relatively popular CW show and can't capitalize on it enough to have an ongoing series.

Steve Henderson I don't know since it wasn't published to the stands at my local comic shop. :(

Andre Jeremiah I won't know as I would have liked to actually have the book in hand as I had put it on my pull list.

Lonnie Rash I wouldn't know because I am not receiving the print copy I have a subscription for, paid for, and have not been notified if I will ever get the rest of the subscription I paid for!

Thomas Gwynn I don't know I haven't read Supergirl #41 or 42 since they are digital only. I hate digital comics.

James Aloysius Santana I dont kno since me or my customers didnt get it cause its digital only

Jared Williams Would have bought it if you printed it.

Joseph Kimbler I would tell you if you had printed it

Erick Sánchez Marroquín Had it been printed I would have read it

Neale Henry What I thought? Well it would have been nice to have had an actual issue instead of this Digital only crap for the last 2 issues. Kind of sucks when you collect a title from the beginning and you guys pull this crap. It's ok with all the other magical things DC has done it appears my years of collecting are over anyways.

David Hood I think I couldn't read it because like other series you are cancelling you won't let us comic readers who buy issues, i.e. your bread and butter, buy it and read it.

Marco Hofman I don't know. You decided to publish the last two issues digital. And I want to read it in bookform. Pity.

Brett Michael Ruest Print it and I'll get back to you.

So long and thanks for all the fish, Supergirl…

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