Dennis The Menace Gets A Red And Gold Nose For Comic Relief


This Friday sees the launch of Red Nose Day, the Comic Relief telethon on the BBC that has already introduced my daughters to the concept of blindboxing thanks to the Red Nose offerings this year…

Which is why we have bought twenty of the damn things so that they can get an astronaut red nose each. Ah well, it's all for charity… and no, we didn't find a gold nose.

As is tomorrow's edition of the Beano weekly comic book, with a red and gold cover by Nigel Parkinson and plenty of Red Nose Day content

In the Red Nose Day Special, Red Nose Day comes to Bash Street School.  Competition hots up as Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids all enter the funny face contest.  Determined to win at all costs, mischievous troublemaker Dennis the Menace enlists the help of his dog, Gnasher, to scare Teacher off letting anyone else win. The funny face competition takes a number of turns, including Bananaman aka Little Eric's secret identity almost being revealed, Lord Snooty being disqualified for cheating (shock horror) and Plug finally winning the 'Funniest Face of Bash Street School' award – despite thinking it was a beauty contest!



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