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Oxford's Interactive Comics Experience With Beano, 2000AD & Phoenix
And they are being joined by Scotland's biggest comic book publisher DC Thompson, of The Beano, for a new exhibition in Oxford's Story Museum, running from the end of May to March next year It's a real shame Oxford no longer has a comic shop, as there could have been lots of synergy But it's[...]
David Sutherland, Aged 89, Celebrates 60 Years Drawing Bash Street Kids
David Sutherland took over drawing The Bash Street Kids for British weekly comic book The Beano in 1962 at the age of 29 Sixty years later, aged 89, he is still drawing them.  As well as The Bash Street Kids for The Beano, he drew Dennis the Menace from 1970 to 1998, and still does[...]
The BEano Changes 60-Year Olfd Character's Name Spotty To Scotty
The Beano is one of the longest running comic books in the world, the first issue published just weeks after Action Comics #1 – and it has been weekly as well The Bash Street Kids has been running since 1954, created by Leo Baxendale, about a class of naughty schoolkids And with the new issue,[...]
The Beano Publishes "Adult Satirical Edition" This Week
The Beano is the second oldest ongoing comic book in the world, beaten only by Action Comics by a matter of weeks This week's edition, issue #4062, is getting a special insert pullout section dubbed BeanOLD, and aimed at adults with a satirical, political bent This won't be in the manner of the adult Viz[...]
However, if you are British, and of a certain age close to that of Boris Johnson, with a working knowledge of the Beano, it means something very different. The Beano is a weekly comic book anthology that has been running since 1938 and has published over 4000 issues, and is very much a traditional part of[...]
Talking Gilbert & Sullivan, The Beano And Regular Show With Laura Howell
By Olly MacNamee From The Beano to The Regular Show, Laura Howell has quietly been working to build a career in comics that spans both sides of the pond as well as taking time to offer comic book workshops in schools and libraries around the Midlands here in the UK As a local artist, this interview[...]
The Beano's Numskulls Takes On Pixar's Inside Out
Inside this week's eighty-year running British weekly Beano comic book, we get a new edition of the strip that has been running since the seventies, The Numskulls A strip about the people inside our head who control our every move and thought And they have been to the movies… Because, yes, Inside Out has just been[...]
British Comics To Sponsor Kids TV Shows For A Year
Publishers of comics such as The Beano, Commando, Dennis & Gnasher WWE Kids and the Jacqueline Wilson Magazine, they have a new Thunderbirds Are Go comic book coming out soon. And as a result, will be sponsoring the entire channel for a year, starting in August, that will promote their line of titles.   ITV are already running[...]
ComiXology Goes Commando – And Beano
They've expanded into other countries, other continents, launched new publishing initiatives, translations and services. And now, they are adding Scottosh publisher and British mainstay DC Thompson to the list, including kids comics The Beano and war comics Commando, to the ever expanding library of comic books. This includes modern titles and classic compilations, such as the much[...]
Dennis The Menace Gets A Red And Gold Nose For Comic Relief
Ah well, it's all for charity… and no, we didn't find a gold nose. As is tomorrow's edition of the Beano weekly comic book, with a red and gold cover by Nigel Parkinson and plenty of Red Nose Day content In the Red Nose Day Special, Red Nose Day comes to Bash Street School[...]
Doctor Who: Listen, By Way Of Nigel Auchterlounie
Nigel Auchterlounie is a cartoonist who writes and draws the Dennis And Gnasher strip in British kids weekly comic, The Beano. He also watches Doctor Who Then writes and draws what he remembers of it… including Daleks in most episodes Here is the season so far, and last night's episode below… Nigel Auchterlounie is a cartoonist[...]
Andy Murray To Guest Edit The Beano Comic
He's editing an issue of the weekly kids comic, The Beano, running since 1939. Which means appearing in it as well And celebrating his famous temper… In his editor's letter, he is quoted as saying "Olympic Gold was my proudest moment; becoming the first male British Wimbledon winner for 77 years was amazing, but this might be[...]
Bananaman – Or Miracleman?
And he arranged and presented the National Comics Awards with Mark Buckingham – the first comics show to invite Jonathan Ross to present. And he writes and draws in the weekly British kids comic The Beano, which has been running since the nineteen thirties But he still manages to bring in other comic book influences. Such as[...]