Donny Cates Spoils Thor Run on Twitter: It Will Not Feature Knull

Global entertainment superstar and fashion icon Donny Cates has expanded his sphere of influence, moving beyond his kingdom of Twitter to expand to the vast, unconquered territory of Reddit. The Bad Boy of comics took to Twitter to respond to a screencap complaining about Cates' upcoming and highly anticipated Thor run with artist Nic Klein and to attack Cates' religion of Satanism.

After learning that the screencap came from Reddit, Cates decided to spoil his Thor run by revealing that Knull would not, in fact, feature in it, and that in fact it won't be tied to Cates' Venom run at all!

Cates asked hardcore fans, a group that calls themselves the Catesbronies, to screencap his tweet and post it on Reddit on his behalf so that all who frequent the site know that Knull will not be in Thor and Thor will not be tied in with Venom.

However, Cates did leave open the possibility that his Venom run will be tied to his Thor run.

But in case anyone on Twitter is worried that Cates' newfound interest in Reddit posts will deflect attention away from Twitter, fear not. Cates remains committed to feuding on the premiere social media site.

And it's a good thing too, for Twitter's sake. Cates' Twitter is such an attraction, it even caused Matthew Rosenberg, who quit the social media service back in January, to return to offer him reassurance.

Bleeding Cool will continue to monitor Cates' Twitter account for clickbait article material and are very grateful he has decided to remain committed to producing it for us. Be sure to bookmark Bleeding Cool's all Donny Cates drama all the time hub, Donny Cates Equals Clicks, for more exciting content like this.

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