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Devil's Reign: Superior Four #2
But not a Knull, honest. Venom #5 With Meridius then deciding to manipulating Eddie Brock into doing what it needs to bring him to the Garden After he has already arrived Cause and effect reversed for shits-n-giggles First by possessing the Ringo symbiote back in issue 1… Venom #5 And then visiting Dylan Brock as Eddie Brock[...]
Hulk Gets A Knull From Donny Cates & Ryan Ottley In Hulk #6
So Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley created Knull, the God of Symbiotes in their Marvel Comics Venom and Venom-related comic books And now that they are on Hulk, apparently, they are doing the same with Hulk A God Of Hulks? Getting a little… Immortal Hulk on us?    The first arc of Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley's mind-blowing Hulk saga will reach[...]
Marvel Legends Reveals Come Fast And Furious At Hasbro PulseCon
Donny Cates joined the panel to talk about his career and reveal the King in Black himself, Knull He will come dressed in his armor, his sword, and all the teeth in the world There will be another 2022 Marvel Legends figure from a Donny Cates comic as well The next 2022 figure reveal was[...]
King In Black #5 Review: Overwrought
It's all unimportant as a symbiote from an earlier age (which was too short and too undeveloped a twist to build on itself) steps forth and kind of just marches through wildly implausible symbolic gestures (Paul Bettany knows what we're talking about here) to literally ignore a poster-worthy assemblage of heroes to take on the[...]
Krakoan X-Men - Cable #9, Excalibur #19
The heroes have been freed of Knull's influence, the God Of Light has arrived as Captain Universe, and the big play is about to hit In some books like Union and Daredevil, that has already happened But in books like Savage Avengers and King In Black: Scream out today, it is still all to play[...]
S.W.O.R.D. #4 Review: Doesn’t Cut The Mustard
The extremely boring god of symbiotes, Knull, has possessed the teenaged body of the mutant soldier Cable as part of an effort to conquer Krakoa Abigail Brand has a last-ditch plan to cut and run, and it ain't popular All around, as with many other elements of this King in Black crossover, there seems like[...]
King In Bla
Though some of the crossovers may be more crossovery than others. King In Black: Namor #4 twists and turns over what has created The Black Tide, with not a symbiote in sight, just some white-on-black speech balloons and a ganrly looking sword at some point. While Felicia Hardy in Black Cat #3, gaining direct Ashardian power may[...]
King In Black
In Web of Venom: The Wraith we learned of The God Of Light, an opposite of Knull, and one who may defeat him in The King In Black There have been many fun theories, including Franklin Richards, The Sentry, the Silver Surfer and even Star-Lord made a pitch. And Doctor Strange make a last minute bid… In[...]
King In Black Spoilers
King in Black comes to Fantastic Four, Sword, Daredevil, Black Pamther and Thunderbolts this week, five crossovers and tie-ins as Knull's dragons, symbionts and space goo covers the planet Although some participants have other concerns Such as safe sex orgies in Wakanda. King In Black: Black Panther #1 Sorry, maybe "sheaths" is more of an archaic term[...]
King In Black
It's Knull time Donny Cates set this up a few years ago in Venom #4… that the abandoned Celestial head known as Knowhere, turned into a space station for many, was from a Celestial beheaded by Knull in the earliest of times. Venom #4 Cates confirmed this, tweeting "The severed celestial head in VENOM #4 would someday[...]
The King In Black
You're speaking to The Choir, The Union #2 And did someone pay for Cable? SWORD #2 Also, who gets to be Carnage in The King In Black? Knull is going around looking for candidates In Planet Of The Symbiotes, he discovers Scream on Earth, who remains out of the reach of his Hive. Planet Of The Symbiotes #1 He gets a[...]
Scarlet Witch
And are seizing at any options to present a better face for mutants to the rest of the galaxy, by dealing with this Knull nonsense. SWORD #2 Also, it would save the Earth from invasion from an unholy alien genocidal zealot, but hey, you've got to think about the diplomatic aspect of it all first And hey,[...]
Democracy Comes To Krakoa (X-Men #16 Spoilers)
In the finale of The King In Black #2 published by Marvel Comics, Tony Stark as Iron Man goes inside a Knull Dragon and bends it to his will courtesy of Extremis. Credit: Marvel King In Black #2 Before returning to tell all of his accomplishment, transformed by the Knull dragon into a new kind of being[...]
King In Black #5
In King In Black #1, Knull dropped Eddie Brock, Venom, from atop a skyscraper Venom told the tale of him falling, with the symbiote and how he might survive physically, if not mentally King In Black #2 sees him land, as this Declan Shalvey cover portrays… Credit: Marvel This issue does its best to extend itself across[...]