Don't Look At This URL If You Want To Avoid Spoilers For A Big Marvel Death


Earlier in the month, CBR and DC Comics ran a PR interview with creators in which they gave away the big spoiler ending for the first issue of Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

It looks as if Marvel saw that, saw the sales bump the comic got and thought, "hey, we could do that too…"

Earlier today we ran a story on the new Supreme Squadron series launching from Marvel. And noticed that it had appeared to have a return for the character Namor, who had not been seen in the All-New All-Different Marvel "cosmic refresh".

Well it turns out he won't be seen for long.

Marvel have decided to spoil a big plot point in a PR interview with Comic Book, which added spoiler warnings but ran it under the following URL:

With James Robinson being quoted as saying "I think that as you'll see in Squadron, Namor's death will open up a lot of amazing story opportunities which will evolve in the future."

And this appears to be how it happens….



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