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Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme Nighthawk and Blur 2-Pack Revealed
Hasbro is back as Squadron Supreme is landing once again with a new Marvel Legends 2-Pack set This marks the second set to arrive, with Hyperion in Doctor Spectrum debuting first, which can be read about right here Two more members of Marvel Comics Justice League are here, allowing fans to build this deadly team[...]
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After the events of Marvel Comics Secret Wars in 2015, Marvell reintroduced the Squadron Supreme to the world This version featured "heroes" from alternate realities who now need up on Earth-616 The heroes basically represent DC Comics Justice League, with the leading members consisting of Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess, Nighthawk, and the Whizzer Hasbro[...]
Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme Two Pack Revealed
Marvel Legends fans got their second reveal of the week today, as a two-pack focusing on the Squadron Supreme was shown off It features Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum, and the two-pack will go up for pre-order at a later date This is a cool-looking set, but I will say it is a little lacking in[...]
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Squadron Supreme was always Marvel's take on the Justice League, and a world in which the Squadron Supreme have taken the place of the Avengers has given us a Marvel Universe that is trying to reflect as much of DC as possible They even say as much. Okay, that's a reference to Washington DC, but we[...]
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Just one that never was announced. Avengers #45 And having Blade as an Avenger probably doesn't help smooth the diplomatic relations in this regard. Avengers #45 While in Washington DC, the Squadron Supreme member who is also a sitting member of Congress has to fight the battle on two fronts. Avengers #45 As we have noted, Squadron Supreme are now part[...]
Squadron Supreme to Appear in Loki TV Series on Disney+?
Well, Bleeding Cool gets the word that the production team for the show has been ordering all manner of material, with the common thread being the appearance of the Squadron Supreme. The original team was created in the late sixties/early seventies by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, and derived from their previously created parallel dimension supervillain[...]
Is This Your First Look At Namor In The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe?
Could he have been tied to the absence of Mister Fantastic and Susan Storm? Well, he does make an appearance it seems in the new Squadron Supreme comic from James Robinson and Leonard Kirk, it appears, along with the rest of Atlantis. Another parallel universe? A flashback? A dream sequence? Here's another peek. Each the sole survivor of[...]
Now It's Squadron Sinister For Secret Wars…
I think that's only five left… Marvel.com have announced a new Secret Wars spinoff, Squadron Sinister, based on the parallel universe Justice League team, Squadron Supreme from Marc Guggenheim and Carlos Pacheco. We had seen Supremists in the original covers, now it gets confirmed. "Our lineup is Hyperion, Nighthawk, Whizzer, Doctor Spectrum, and Warrior Woman[...]
Speculator Corner: Mark Gruenwald
And his wish that his cremated ashes to be added to the print run of his Squadron Supreme book after his death. Well, the internet seemed to notice The first print of the Squadron Supreme TPB has just sold on eBay for $628. Another copy has a buy it now price of $500 While another, with 3[...]
TV Show Covers Mark Gruenwald's Last Wishes
His will asked that his ashes be mixed in with the print run of a Squadron Supreme trade paperback Which, a few years later, saw print I have a copy of that print run on my bookshelf. You can see a deep-throated trailer here; [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kISOW9uhXc0[/youtube] On Wednesday at 9pm on Investigation Discovery, The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes[...]