Double Marvel Preview: Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #3, Reptil #4

Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #3 and Reptil #4 are out from Marvel Comics on Wednesday. I didn't really have anything in particular to make fun of either one for, so I figured I'd just combine them in a double preview to make it up to readers missing my wit. Check out a preview, first of Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #3, in which Spider-Man teams up with Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur…

(W) Peter David (A / CA) Greg Land
• The dimensional-warp tour keeps rolling as SPIDER-MAN comes face-to-face with a certain big red dinosaur!
•  If dinosaurs weren't enough, an unlikely HULK rears his frightening head!
•  PLUS: Black Cat and Doctor Strange!

Rated T
In Shops: 9/22/2021
SRP: $3.99

…and then a preview of Reptil #4, the conclusion of the mini-series that will shake the Reptil universe to its foundations leaving nothing the same again with the revelation of shocking secrets!!! You know, standard stuff.

REPTIL #4 (OF 4)
JUL210721 – REPTIL #4 (OF 4) WOLF VAR – $3.99
(W) Terry Blas (A) Enid Balam (CA) Paco Medina
•  Three cousins in a race against time as Megalith closes in and springs the final stage of his plans…
•  Two mysterious amulets that hold a world-shattering secret between them….
•  One hero standing between complete catastrophe and peace – and only one chance to get it right.
•  Don't miss out on this momentous finale!

Rated T
In Shops: 9/22/2021
SRP: $3.99

Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #3 and Reptil #4 will be in stores on Wednesday.

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