Duck History Could be Yours With First Donald Comic from ComicConnect

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The Disney Duck comics have a special place in my heart. While the rest of the comic world seemed to be in love with superheroes and wartime stories, Disney was taking a different approach to comics with their infamous animated heroes! The 1930s were a booming period for Walt Disney. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves made film history in 1937, and in 1938 K.K. Publishing made comic book history by publishing the very first Donald Duck comic.

This rare find is the first time Donald Duck made his appearance in comics. While the majority of new Golden Age collectors will likely focus heavily on caped crusaders, seasoned collecting veterans know this is not a book to overlook. On GPA, there are only records for seven copies — all graded CGC universal blue. The highest graded Donald Duck book is only a 6.5, and there are only four higher graded books between our blue label 1.5 and the 6.5 that last sold in 2017. This particular auction is set to end on May 20th.

The copy of Walt Disney Donald Duck up for sale on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect
The copy of Walt Disney's Donald Duck up for sale on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect

This specific 1.5 sold in March of 2019 for $1233. The only other recent data we have is for a universal blue 6.0 that sold in May of 2020 for $3120 — a drastic price drop from an $8437 winning bid for another 6.0 in March of 2018. This 1.5 could very well be an affordable key for collectors to snatch up. Featuring off-white to white pages, this book likely got its low grade from the cover and three center wraps being detached, and the moderate amount of crayon on multiple pages. This book was clearly loved.

Donald Duck still presents nicely, and no matter the grade is still an essential comic in the comic book world. The bubble pipe cover is whimsical and inviting, and the back cover features a cute portrait of Donald with angel wings and a halo. Are you interested in owning this book? You will need a ComicConnect account to bid — but fear not! They are absolutely free and worth it. You never know what comic treasures you'll find there! This auction ends on May 20th and is part of Session 3 of Event Auction #42.

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