Emerald City Comic Con Founder Launches Spinner Rack to Compete with Diamond on Kickstarter

It's been a day filled with unusual competition for comic book direct market distribution monopoly Diamond today. This morning, we reported on League of Comic Geeks' plan to compete with Diamonds upcoming online Pullbox service. Now, another challenger has risen to take on Diamond's grip on the lucrative spinner rack market.

Back in February, Diamond brought back the beloved display rack that once introduced young comic readers to the Spider-Man, Superman, the X-Men, and the Justice League from inside comic stores, 7-elevens, mom-and-pop pharmacies, and supermarkets. Retailing for $299, the all-black, 44-pocket, 250-comic capacity rack soon sold out, forcing Diamond to produce more of them before the first one ships on March 14. Clearly, there's an appetite for the rack.

Enter Jim Demonakos, founder of Emerald City Comic Con, NY Times bestselling graphic novelist, and the man behind a new Kickstarter campaign titled simply "The Classic Comic Book Spinner Rack." With a stated goal of "modernizing the comic book spinner rack that has been unavailable for decades," Demonakos's Spinner Rack seems aimed at collectors looking for a flashy way to show off their collection at home in addition to retailers.

The retail price is higher than Diamond's at $349, but Kickstarter backers can match the price at $299, and for a limited time, early bird backers can get it for $279. Where this spinner rack stands out from Diamond's is the fact that it comes in black or white options, and features some display plates at the top that give it a nostalgic feel. The Kickstarter touts the Spinner Rack as "a classy way to display your comics or graphic novels!"

Here's Diamond's spinner rack:

And here's the Spinner Rack spinner rack:

With 28 days to go, the project has already raised over $14,000 of its $19,000 goal. Delivery is expected in August. Here's the features listed on the campaign:

  • Heavy Duty – Made in the USA from high grade steel which has been powder coated and is rust-free
  • Whisper Quiet – Extra large ball bearings help spin the rack smoothly and quietly
  • Large Pockets – Designed to hold comics that are Silver Age size, modern size, in or out of bags/boards, trade paperbacks, small hardcovers and more. The pockets are over 7" wide and .75" deep
  • Sturdy & Strong – The 12" base makes for a small profile but a strong base that supports the weight of the comics, and won't tip over
  • Classic Sign Topper – The innovative 4-sleeve topper includes retro inspired signs designed by JG Roshell of Comicraft
  • Color Choice – The rack is available in either black or white so you can choose what works best for your space

Head to Kickstarter if you're so inclined.

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