ElfQuest Returns At BoingBoing

This long standing fantasy series was self published through Warp Graphics. It appeared from Marvel Comics. It was published by DC Comics. There was going to be a film at one point. There probably still is.

In fact, one of the reasons often cited for Paul Levitz being demoted, then leaving DC Comics, was that he gave up the ElfQuest comics license, just before Warners decided it wanted to make an ElfQuest film – so the film rights had to be bought again for a significant sum, rather than having them included with the comics deal. But that was then.

And now Wendy and Richard Pini's ElfQuest has moved to… BoingBoing. Starting from next Monday, the site's first ongoing comics serialisation.

Although all the other pages, six thousand so far, are already available to read for free.

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