Eternal Descent #1 Preview Kicks Off New Era with Writer Michael Moreci

Get a heavy metal start to your Saturday morning with this preview of Eternal Descent #1, by Michael Moreci and Marco Lorenzana, hitting stores on September 28th and final order cutoff this Monday. Eternal Descent is the latest comic from Opus Comics and the latest iteration of the property dreamed up over a decade ago by Llexi Leon, refined now by Moreci. The comic represents Opus's first original IP.

"The idea started to percolate around 2006, it went through various stages and then I connected with Jason Metcalf, sent him the various scribblings and designs I had at that time and of course he elevated everything tremendously!" said Leon. "It all came about during some recording sessions, lots of sound effects and foley over orchestral music – and there was this very biblical grandiose impact to the music, but there were these ominous and destructive sequences – of course I started throwing down guitar tracks and messing about with it, and it took on a new life as this dark metal fantasy. The whole thing really spawned from this 'end of days' visual that seared my brain from the music I was experimenting with, so there was always this very clear angels/demons theme, and that was the nucleus of the character development. I wasn't much of a writer, but I was having fun creating across a variety of mediums and had these ideas I was keen to manifest."

"Eternal Descent is really the catalyst for all things Incendium – the focus of Myths, Monsters, and Metal at the company and across our entire publishing line," Leon added.

In this preview, we see the demon Loki murder the seraph Sirian before things get back to more Earthly matters. Should Lyra give up her dreams of metal stardom for a minimum wage job? It's a struggle we can all identify with. You know that! Screw it! We're out of here! Time to finally follow our dreams and make that concept album about Wolverine's two dicks! It's a… wait for it… double LP! Check out the preview below, and get your orders in before this Monday, August 29th, which is final order cutoff.

Eternal Descent #1 (of 3)
Michael Moreci (W) • Marco Lorenzana (A) • Meghan Hetrick (C)

Doctorate student and struggling musician Lyra Constance has become obsessed with the occult influence on the history of music, hoping it will lead to her big break. But she soon learns that evil is very real, and finds herself cast into the eternal battle between Heaven and Hell, with the world hanging in the balance.

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$4.99 • 32 pages • Cardstock cover

In shops: Sept. 28, 2022

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