Exclusive: Kodansha Comics Announces 'Ghost in the Shell' Anthology For Spring 2018

Judd Morse is reporting from ECCC for Bleeding Cool,


Publisher Kodansha Comics today announced a new Ghost in the Shell anthology, Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network, due out in the Spring of 2018.  The anthology is being billed as "an international collaboration between Shirow Masamune and Western comics creators," and will feature previously unseen stories set in the beloved Section 9 universe.

The single-volume hardcover anthology will be full color and feature a variety of Western industry creators. "The concept of the anthology will be very similar to the publisher's Attack on Titan anthology", said Ben Applegate, Associate Director of Publishing Services for Penguin. "The concept behind that book was American comics artists take on a Japanese property. Well, we're doing it again! This time, with Ghost in the Shell."

Applegate said the new stories were supervised by creator Shirow himself, and produced by what Applegate called "an all-star team of Western comic book artists and writers."

Applegate said that Shirow was inspired to oversee the anthology after being highly impressed with the quality of the Attack on Titan anthology, and wanted to do something similar. Applegate promised more details about the book over the course of the next year.

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