Exclusive Extended Dynamite Previews: James Bond, Army Of Darkness, And More

Dynamite Entertainment has had some big weeks in the past, but this week they have 16 new items hitting comic shops and we have exclusive extended previews for six of them. But instead of trying to fit them all into one massive article, I'm going to break them into two. Here are the first eight items Dynamite is shipping this week along with extended previews of Ash vs The Army of Darkness #5, James Bond: Kill Chain #5 and Gumby Imagined: The Art Of Clokey And His Creations.

Ash vs. The Army of Darkness #5
writers: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims artist: Mauro Vargas, Sam Lotfi covers: Brent Schoonover (A) Mauro Vargas (B) Pasquale Qualano (C)

Let's evaluate, class: pages from the Necronomicon have gone missing and Deadites are making a mess of a high school (yikes), so then Ash Williams became a substitute (uhhh…), and an army of anti-Deadite warriors showed up having followed the tradition of Ash's exploits in medieval times (S.M.A.R.T…?). Conclusion: We're boned.

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Dog Men #6
writer: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers artist | cover: Diego Galindo

Jim Butcher's worldwide bestselling Dresden Files saga continues in this original limited series! – It's all come down to this – two factions of supernatural predators go to war, with a town caught in the middle! To save hundreds of innocents, Harry needs to form an alliance that could very well blow up in his face. He also needs to reconcile his own sense of anger and guilt once and for all – because if he doesn't, it could turn him into the kind of threat he's spent his life fighting.

Fruit Ninja #3
writer: Nate Cosby artist: Scott Brown, Sebastian Piriz cover: Scott Brown

Based on the adorable BILLION-times-downloaded game! In this cram-packed issue:
-The MODERN FRUIT NINJAS fight ice villains with cloudberries!
-The ANCIENT FRUIT NINJAS chase after a nectarine strapped to a crane bird named Cuckoo!
-And in JETPACK JOYRIDE: One thousand hippos. No, for real. You can count them.

Greatest Adventure #7
writer: Bill Willingham artist: Cezar Razek covers: Cary Nord (A) Greg Smallwood (B) Roberto Castro (C)

The crew of the villainous Resolve continues on their quest for the rare gemstone known as the Eye of Judgment –the final component that will allow them to build a war machine of terrible power – but there's still hope yet, as the two greatest heroes of Earth and Mars—Tarzan and John Carter—have joined forces!

Gumby Imagined: The Art of Clokey And His Creations HC
Writer: Joe Clokey Art: Joe Clokey

Clay animated superstar Gumby has made an indelible impact on our culture and continues to enchant and entertain generations. Filmmaker Art Clokey's personal story is one of mystical adventure, tragedy, triumph, art, and most of all, love. This lavish career-spanning retrospective explores the legendary creator's life and complete works. All of his many creations, including Gumby and Davey & Goliath, are interwoven with a rich tapestry of rare photos and stories – the ingredients for a fascinating tale.

James Bond: Felix Leiter HC
writer: James Robinson artist: Aaron Campbell cover: Mike Perkins

Felix Leiter finds himself in Japan, tracking down a beautiful, Russian spy from his past. But when the mission takes a turn for the worse, he will discover that there are more deadly schemes afoot in Tokyo and beyond! From superstar creative team James Robinson (Starman, Red Sonja) and Aaron Campbell (The Shadow, Uncanny) comes the Bond spin-off highlighting 007's American counterpart, blending spy thrills with the dark alleys and darker deeds of crime fiction!

James Bond: Kill Chain #5
writer: Andy Diggle artist: Luca Casalanguida covers: Greg Smallwood (A)

As NATO tears itself apart from within, 007 is declared Europe's most wanted man. Hunted by SMERSH and the CIA, he must infltrate a nuclear airbase to learn the secrets of Operation Hooded Falcon before Europe erupts into all-out war!

James Bond: Vargr TP
writer: Warren Ellis artist: Jason Masters cover: Gabriel Hardman

After a mission of vengeance in Helsinki, James Bond returns to London and assumes the workload of a fallen 00 Section agent. His new mission takes him to Berlin, presumably to break up an agile drug-trafficking operation. But Bond has no idea of the forces ranged in secret against him, the full range of an operation that's much scarier and more lethal than he could possibly imagine. Berlin is about to catch fire… and James Bond is trapped inside. Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents VARGR, the debut storyline in the all-new James Bond comic book series, as crafted by masterful writer Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, The Authority) and artist Jason Masters (Batman Incorporated, Guardians of the Galaxy).


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