Fanboy Rampage: John Layman Vs Joe Kalicki

Fanboy Rampage: John Layman Vs Joe KalickiOkay, this is definitely insular. But it is also quite funny.

Recently, Bleeding Cool ran an article including a discussion carried out with John Layman at a comic convention. Then it continued into the comments. One regular poster, and DC Comics lover Joe Kalicki disagreed with the description of Layman in the article as "polite".

Joe: I don't know how "polite" he is, but Detective Comics has been pretty good and I have an affinity for the old Wildstorm guys so, well, good luck I guess. I'm still waiting for the trade to buy Detective though.

Cammy: He's totally polite as long as you're not an asshole.

Joe: I think that's proven not to be the case on this board.

John: I'm just a not a blind, water-carrying, corporate ass-suck, Joe, which seems to make me some sort of hypocrite in your book.

Joe: No, slamming a company and the people running it for years, then taking a job with them makes you a hypocrite. But whatever, I'm still going to buy Mars Attacks, since as far as I know you didn't go on an anti-IDW rampage in recent memory.

John: Joe, I have and do stand by every word I've ever said, positive, negative or otherwise. If I ever said "I'd never work for DC" and then did, THAT would make me a hypocrite. Saying critical things about a company is not tantamount to declaring a boycott from working for said company.

A more persuasive case for hypocrisy would be the person who declares they will not be buying a particular book by a particular writer, and the going back online later and reversing himself.

Joe: I said I wouldn't buy your Detective and I think with my very next post I added that yes, I probably will buy the trade. I'm sure I was too hasty with that first declaration, but at least as far as the monthly goes, I've stuck to it. My friend still buys it so I am reading it, and it is good, and I have no doubt if it remains good I will change my stance on that too. It very well may make me a hypocrite, yes.

John: While what *I* have said in no way, shape or form makes me a hypocrite.

Joe: Well I disagree, obviously. I'm not going to go back through your posts again to confirm it, but I'm pretty sure you had some negative comments about anybody that would work for DC, so I'm not sure how you could pass that off as better than saying you never would yourself.

John: Well, I say put your money where your big mouth is, shit talker, and find anything I said even REMOTELY sounds like me saying "I won't work for DC."

You know, rather than continue to publicly disparage me about something that ISN'T FUCKING TRUE.

Joe: Again, I'm not going through all of your posts, but I assume by this one you're looking forward to leaving their employ soon: Gregory Noveck Out At DC Comics

John: "Whenever someone leaves DC an angel cries a tear of liquid gold."

To you, that sounds like me saying 'I'll never work for DC? You need to work on your reading comprehension.

Joe: No, but it sure sounds like you have a low opinion of working there.

John: Again, work on your reading comprehension.

As before, I stand by every word I said.

Not only that, Joe, at such time when I leave Detective, not only will an angel cry a tear of liquid gold, but a whole HOST of angels will cry out in unison, and weep BUCKETS of liquid gold, and both Heaven and Earth will be cast asunder.

I don't see how you could possible derive from this me saying "I'll never work for DC." I look forward to your apology forthwith.

Joe: I won't apologize for the tone you give off.

At which point, Layman just starts the clowning;

John: You will and you will do so immediately.

Joe: If I honestly believed that there was some great difference between saying you would never work somewhere, and saying that they're pretty much a horrible place run by horrible people who put out a horrible product, then rest assured that I would.

John: Could you direct me to where I said that? To me that's a pretty far cry from a wisecrack about an angel crying a tear of liquid gold.

Man up, Joe. Time to apologize. Layman was right. Kalicki is wrong. Do the right thing here. You will never find inner peace until you apologize to Layman.

It is high time for Joe Kalicki to crawl out from the sewer of lies and self-delusion where he's spent his entire life and make a single small step toward redemption.

This begins with his apology to me.

Joe: I already posted a list of Layman's Anti-DC posts some time ago, which he responded to so I know he read it. I'm not doing it again. The facts do back me up, he's just trying to narrow them beyond what I consider a reasonable threshhold. It doesn't matter anyway because it's my choice what to buy and why regardless.

John: None of which remotely sounded like "I will never work for DC," any more than my line about angel's tears did.

Apologize, Joe. Unburden your darkened soul.

Joe: I never claimed you said that. You narrowed the definition of hypocrisy to only include that.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your time at DC.





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