A Fascinating Plot That Is Simply Addicting…Binge Read Catch Up: Wayward Vol. 2

The more I read, the more I thank the comic book gods for placing Wayward in my hands. After I binge read the first trade paperback of Wayward, from Image Comics, written by Jim Zub with art by Steve Cummings, I was blown away. I finally knew what everyone had been talking about. Between the heartfelt intense storyline, and the breathtaking art work, Wayward quickly sky rocketed to the top of my "Comics I Love" list. Of course then it was time to read the second trade paperback, a.k.a. a Binge Read Catch Up of Wayward Vol. 2.



The end of the first volume left me distraught. With Rori Lane and Shirai dead, Ayane and Nikaido are without half of their team. But that's not where the second volume begins. Readers are instead introduced to a new character who goes by the name Ohara. Just like the first volume, we are provided with an inner dialogue of her every day routine. Much simpler than Rori Lane's transition to Japan, Ohara describes her life living as a normal Japanese high school girl. She describes each day of her life as "a pattern," a repetitive series of events, but this day somehow feels different. This is how we meet our newest character with special powers. Before long, she encounters Ayana and Nikaido who quickly take her under their wings. Ohara's powers revolve around manipulating manmade objects.

I was surprised by how quickly I accepted her character as part of the group. It was difficult to carry the fear that Rori and Shirai were actualy dead, and I hesitated to believe that Ohara was the solution to the loss. However, Jim Zub didn't let me down. Sure enough, Rori and Shirai survived. Unfortunately, Shirai didn't fare so well, which leads to Rori having to use her powers to save him. This is by far the most epic pivotal moment of the second volume. Beautifully illustrated by Steve Cummings, we get a detailed look at what Rori describes as "the pattern." She says, "For a moment I saw who we were and who we might yet be." Yeah, you can't get much more intense than that. I obviously can't do it justice here, so I'm going to urge you to pick up the trade and experience it for yourself.


Wayward Vol. 2 is filled with brilliant character development and some pretty kick-ass fights. We get to experience Rori Lane really coming into her powers which is a wonderful thing to witness. I'm honestly blown away with how strong of a character Rori Lane has become. You can really see a steady admirable progression of her character's personality and strength compared to the way she was in the first issue.

Jim Zub's writing continues to be thorough. He provides us with a fascinating plot that is simply addicting. Just as a side note, the "Dirt Spiders" that end up assisting Ayane, Shirai, and Ohara…well done Jim. They had a way of making me cringe and feel intrigued all at the same time. Wayward Vol. 2 ends on a solid note making me thankful that I only have to wait a few days until the new issue comes out. Be sure to pick up Wayward Vol. 2, and look for Wayward #11 which releases this Wednesday, November 18th.

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