FCBD X-Men Book Leads to "Game-Changing" Marvel Event

We already know about Marvel's next Earth-shattering super-mega-crossover event, Empyre With a Y, but what about the super-mega-crossover after that super-mega-crossover event? It looks like it's going to be X-Men-centric, according to the solicit for Marvel's offering for Free Comic Book Day 2020.

Free Comic Book Day 2020 Gold Books FCBD

Marvel Comics

This year's Marvel title centers around the X-Men and will lead into a game changing event coming in 2020! Stay tuned in the months to come for exciting announcements about Marvel's Gold title in the February PREVIEWS and on freecomicbookday.com!
Rating: Teen

Can the X-Men survive having their universe rocked to its foundation so quickly after it was just rocked to its foundation with HoXPoX? Also, with the news that Gerry Duggan will be writing a second ongoing X-Men series with March's Cable, while Jonathan Hickman ceding control of New Mutants to Ed Brisson after the New Mutants IN SPAAAAAAAACE storyline, does that mean that it's time to start calling this Gerry Duggan's X-Men relaunch instead of Jonathan Hickman's X-Men relaunch? These are the kinds of questions that can likely only be answered by a crapload of variant covers and tie-ins, and those are sure to be announced in the coming months. All we know is that the X-Men Universe is currently never the same again, but soon it will be extra never the same again with a cherry on top.

What do you think of Gerry Duggan's X-Men relaunch leading into a super-mega-crossover event so soon? Let us know in the comments.

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