Four Preposterous But Important Lessons We Learned From Our Kickstarter

By Carlos Guzman & Alejandro Verdugo


It's a story as old as time: you've got a crazy idea and you need to find an even crazier way to get people to notice. The team behind Time Cheetah (the hottest new webcomic on the internet) faced this challenge as we launched our Kickstarter earlier this week. Many would tell you to consult friends or experienced strangers for advice… but sometimes the solution is staring you right in the face. So we turned inward and asked ourselves: what would Time Cheetah do?


If you want people to notice your Kickstarter, it's not enough to ask politely… you must demand their attention! For instance: Time Cheetah wishes to see Julius Caesar. Should he set up a meeting? Well, it gets delayed, and then canceled, and then he fails. Bad plan. The problem is that Julius Caesar has a million meetings… on the other hand, he has but one single giant octopus gladiator. If you murder Squidicus Maximus in a battle to the death, Caesar has no choice BUT to pay attention to your belligerent actions!


Kickstarter launches are time consuming and require every ounce of energy you can muster. Jobs can get in the way of that. Some would ask for time off, but Time Cheetah takes a less diplomatic approach. So the next time your superior comes in asking for extra hours, be direct and put him in his place. Your boss will respect you for it!


Plans never survive contact with the enemy and Kickstarters never go exactly as planned. The key is to be flexible. Time Cheetah's mission is about stopping a rogue military colonel—but what happens if he runs into an evil soviet artificial intelligence instead? Take that information and adapt: embrace the opportunities that present themselves and smash all malevolent computers that stand in your way!


You've got one shot at a good first impression… so why not kick that impression in the face? People shouldn't just consider looking at your Kickstarter, they should have to check it out right now! Time Cheetah didn't knock or ask if he could come in, he exploded onto the scene and changed the game, right into that poor soldier's face.

Hopefully the lessons we took from Time Cheetah push you to victory as they've pushed our very own Time Cheetah Kickstarter to success. Why not check it out and see all of this advice in action? Best of luck and remember: be like Time Cheetah!

Carlos Guzman and Alejandro Verdugo are the co-creators and co-writers of Time Cheetah, whose Kickstarter smashed through its goal in 3 days.

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