Fred Van Lente's Writer Commentary On The New Magnus Robot Fighter #1

Fred Van Lente writes a lovely little writer's commentary on the recent relaunch from Dynamite, Magnus Robot Fighter #1…


Page 1: The snowglobe and "Tommy" motif is an old and venerable one. If you didn't get what it might portend the first time around I won't spoil it, but if you're curious, Google it.


Pages 2-5: The Maury's Peak sequence was heavily influenced by the illustrations of Simon Stalenhag and the photographs of Vincent Fournier. Check 'em out on the links, they're pretty amazing.

Magnus01-page_Page_06 Magnus01-page_Page_07

Pages 6-7: 1A, in the original version, was always depicted as this scrawny, skinny robot, almost a nebbish, but I wanted our version to be more physically imposing and larger than life, like how kids see their parents, and Cory Smith nailed the design — as he does with most things.


Pages 10-11: The first of many amazing double page spreads you'll be seeing from Mr. Smith as this series continues.


Page 14: In the background of the first Times Square panel you can see an advertisement for Leeja Clane's reality show, which Cory totally snuck in there without me seeing until I was reading a much later lettering proof! He is amazing.


Page 16: That is the St. Louis Arch incorporated into the Central Network building. We've seen the Statue of Liberty already. North Am as we'll be seeing is a "compressed" version of the North American continent, with all the landmarks kept and all the boring stuff cut out. I kept describing it in pitches as "North Am is North American what the New York New York casino in Vegas is to actual New York."


Page 17: "Bunraku" is a traditional Japanese marionettes often used as a point of comparison for early roboticists.


Page 19: Magnus doing what Magnus does best: Decapitating robots with kung fu. When Cory was first turning his robot designs, none of them had necks! The heads and bodies were a single continuous unit. I had to tell him "We need more necks, otherwise Magnus can't do his signature move!!"

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