Full Frontal Male Nudity In The Twelve SPOILERS

Warning, reading this post may spoil your enjoyment of The Twelve #10. It may also spoil your lunch. You have been warned.

Chris Weston is an artist known for his attention to detail. A desire to draw every wrinkle, every hair, every pore, in string black and white contrast, while also clearly telling a story. He's a kind of a cross between Dave Gibbons and Brian Bolland.

So when you hear that Chris Weston is drawing large panels in a comic book featuring graphic full frontal nudity, you expect public precision, a throughly weighed, modelled and sculpted foreskin, testicles that dropp with just the right weight to convince you that you're about to get teabagged. But, when reading the eagerly awaited tenth issue of The Twelve, lout this week, you don't expect this…

I wonder if Chris got his Action Man to pose?

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