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Surprise! Grant Morrison & Gerard Way Anthrax OGN Out on Wednesday
This will make official the decades long connection between the character and the band, drawn by longtime Dredd artist Chris Weston. Anthrax: Among The Living Writer: Brian Posehn Artist: Scott Koblish and Alladin Collar Anthrax: Among The Living: Caught in a Mosh Writer: Gerard and Mikey Way Artist: Darick Robertson, Phillip Sevy and Alladin Collar Anthrax: Among The Living: I Am the Law (featuring Judge Dredd) Writer: Scott Ian  Artist: Chris Weston and Alladin Collar Anthrax: Among The Living: Efilnikufesin[...]
Anthrax Chris Weston
Well, with the release of the full creative teams adapting Anthax songs for the graphic anthology, we get to see Chris Weston's artwork from their story. Chris Weston's Judge Dredd Art For Anthrax Graphic Novel   As well as the news – and art –  that will have Andy Belanger drawing the story by Anthrax bass player Frank Bello. [...]
The Daily LITG, January 4th 2020, Happy Birthday Chris Weston
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday Twitch Streamer PaladinAmber Creates Her Own "Australian Fire" PSA Michael Eisner, Former Disney CEO, Criticizes 'Rise of Skywalker', Daisy Ridley Top 10 Horror Films of the Decade Worth Revisiting Comic Store In Your Future – Saying Goodbye to Free Comic Book Day For 2020? Ubisoft[...]
Judge Dredd and Mecha-Farm Animals from Rebellion March 2018 Solicits
As you can see, the Judge Dredd Megazine has mecha-farm animals. 2000 AD PROGS 2071-2074 2071 on sale 7 March 2018 2072 on sale 14 March 2018 2073 on sale 21 March 2018 2074 on sale 28 March 2018 Blazing SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! The storylines for Judge Dredd, Bad Company, Brass Sun, Savage and ABC Warriors all wrap up[...]
In Praise Of… Chris Weston
Chris Weston's feeling a bit under the weather right now. Spent the weekend patching up shattered confidence It involved long walks, marathon viewing of The Good Wife & seeing @johnwgrant perform. — Chris Weston (@westonfront) March 10, 2014 Artist on Ministry Of Space, The Twelve, as well as a writer, I just thought it might be a good[...]
2000AD Vs JMS – Twilight Zones And Future Shocks
I wrote a bunch of done-in-ones for Brave and the Bold so right there it invalidates the point the meme writer is trying to create.I would expect better from 2000 AD than to go around trying to start feuds and fires where none exist by deliberately misstating the situation. Other relevant comments included; Chris Weston Good Future[...]
Comics Creators On… Syria (UPDATE)
Paddy Ashdown is supporting it. — Chris Weston (@westonfront) August 29, 2013 @PoePoz Seeing firebombed Syrian schoolkids on the news didn't help. — Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) August 30, 2013 @anniemal Miley Cyrus twerked Syria That's all you need to know. — Duane Swierczynski (@swierczy) August 30, 2013 I'm glad for a lot of things in my life Right now? I'm reeeeaaaally[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Carry On X-Men
CARRY ON X-MEN Chris Weston, you utter beauty I love Kenneth Williams as Megneto. HACKING AWAY The New Statesman looks at the work of a couple of British comic journalists. Fransman, by contrast, approaches her pieces more like short feature articles There is reporting, to be sure – her piece on "shock comedy" for the magazine involved interviews with[...]
Chris Weston's Storyboards For Albert Hughes' Live Action Akira
Still, here are some of Chris Weston's live-action Akira storyboards, as posted on his blog.    When these things start to come out, you know there's no more chance Still, here are some of Chris Weston's live-action Akira storyboards, as posted on his blog.    When these[...]
Swipe File: Judge Dredd And Akira
Chris Weston's cover to Judge Dredd Magazine and the poster to Akira But why this inspiration? 2000AD Covers asks Chris Weston; "I think most people know that I recently spent  a great deal of time working on a live-action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's "Akira." I was literally two weeks away from going out to work in[...]
Full Frontal Male Nudity In The Twelve SPOILERS
You have been warned. Chris Weston is an artist known for his attention to detail A desire to draw every wrinkle, every hair, every pore, in string black and white contrast, while also clearly telling a story He's a kind of a cross between Dave Gibbons and Brian Bolland. So when you hear that Chris Weston is[...]
Chris Weston Drawing Dredd Again
Posted to Twitter by Chris Weston After finishing The Twelve for Marvel, it looks like he's back on the Dredd. Posted to Twitter by Chris Weston After finishing The Twelve for Marvel, it looks like he's back on the Dredd. Posted to Twitter by Chris Weston After finishing The Twelve for Marvel, it looks like[...]
Could This Be The Hottest Marvel Book Of The Year? Superior Kapow Special #1
If you're lucky. Created at the Kapow Comic Convention earlier in the year, its aim was to tell a Superior story with as many people as possible, raise money for charity and break a couple of world records in the process. I'm not sure how the Most Contributors To A Comic Book record was arrived at –[...]
The Final Issues Of The Twelve. Honest.
Just not this late. The Twelve, by Joe Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston is not only completed, as Bleeding Cool reported at the end of September But now Marvel have scheduled it, announced a trade paperback of the first six issues of January, a catch up Must Have volume reprinting issues 7 and 8 for February,[...]