Geek Girl On The Street Reports: One Geek Girl's Pull List V.2

Kate Kotler writes for Bleeding Cool;

Hey, Bleeding Cool! Did you know we had our one-year anniversary of being together and we didn't even celebrate… Derp!

Don't sweat it, you don't have to get me diamonds or flowers or dinner at a fancy-pants restaurant which would require you to change out of your Batman t-shirt and cargo shorts (or, in my case, yoga pants & Star Wars Reenacted by Unicorns t-shirt from Threadless). You can just buy me comics… because I've been reading a serious amount of single issues lately.

Unsure of what I'm reading? Welllllll…. isn't that convenient? Because this here column is all about my summer pull list. Here's what I'm reading right now and why I think you should check it out:

Saga by Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples: An intergalactic Romeo & Juliet story of sorts, narrated by the baby Hazel, detailing her star-crossed parents journey to escape persecution on the planet of Cleve – this book is (by far) the summer sleeper that everyone is pulling. (As evidenced by the fact that I had to go to three shops before I could find Chapter Three). I <3 everything that Brian K. Vaughn touches, and the art of Fiona Staples is simply amazing (who else could make robots doing it doggie style look classy)? *****

America's Got Powers by Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch: I think that I've made it very clear that I love everything that Wossy does, period. It has made me so stupidly happy to see his success with two really strong comic series offerings (Turf having been on my pull all last summer). AGP is a clever concept – super powered kids created by some mystery alien rock thingie; ala X-Men the supes are bashed by the normals; instead of going to a special school, they are forced to fight for their lives in a gladiator style reality show. Following the life of Tommy Watts, AGP features bold, pop art style sequential art, snappy dialogue and a character clearly based on David Tennant (fangirl squeeeeee). *****

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: One Geek Girl's Pull List V.2Danger Club by Landry Q. Walker & Eric Jones: A different superhero story, this book explores what happens when the world's super protectors disappear. The first issues deals with deposing a false deity using brass knuckles found on the moon. This book has strong writing and art work; while I'm not sure where the story is going to go I'm interested enough to continue to pull it. ****

Dancer by Nathan Edmonson, Nic Klein & Jeff Powell: This book starts on the eve of ballerina Quinn's final performance when she learns a dangerous secret about her older boyfriend, Alan. This is weird spy vs. spy stuff with cloning/time travel (I think) and gun chases through the streets of Milan. There is not a lot of plot given away in issue #1, but the art is dark and gritty with splashes of bold color, compelling enough to continue to read forward. ****

Here's some stuff which has been suggested I add to my pull list:

  • Both Patrick and Dal at Challengers and Terry at Third Coast Comics have suggested I check out Mind the Gap by Jim McCann & Rodin Esquejo.
  • Matt at Graham Crackers says that Before Watchmen is "two-for-two" and Image's Manhattan Projects is "kicking all sorts of ass."
  • Terry at Third Coast Comics has also suggested that I check out Dial H and Prophecy.
  • Patrick & Dal at Challengers also suggest The Massive, One Soul and (the ever ass kicking) The Sixth Gun.

So, I'm curious, Bleeding Cool: What are you reading right now? And, what do think I'm missing from my pull list?

I want to thank Pat & Dal at Challengers Comics & Conversation, Matt at Graham Crackers Comics and Terry at Third Coast Comics for all their excellent suggestions of what I should add to my summer pull. You guys make Wednesdays happy…

Until next time, Bleeding Cool -mon amour- stay geeky!

Kate Kotler is the co-author of Bleeding Cool's geeky dating advice column, Keep Your Pants On and a freelance writer. You can read her personal musings on her website and follow her on Twitter @adorkablegrrl.

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