#GhostCorps: IDW Teases Something Big for Ghostbusters in 2019

In January, IDW's Ghostbusters series will be a part of IDW's 20/20 event, looking 20 years in the past or future for some of IDW's top licensed franchises. Ghostbusters 20/20 hits stores in January, and Ghostbusters: Crossing Over just wrapped up, but there's no new Ghostbusters book solicited for February. March's solicitations aren't out yet, but judging by tweets from IDW Editor Tom Waltz, we may need to wait until April before getting our figurative ecto-cooler fix.

Well, you'll have to wait. We personally hoarded dozens of cases of the stuff during the 2016 movie reboot and we've still got some in our pantry. Yes, they've been expired for over a year, and yes, we still drink them anyway.

In any case, Waltz took to Twitter to tease some future Ghostbusters plans, mostly for April, but also something for June. Check out the tweets below:

Any guesses? Post your speculation in the comments. For now, here's the only Ghostbusters comic you know you can buy in 2019:

Ghostbusters 20/20
(W) Erik Burnham (A/CA) Dan Schoening
Twenty years in the future, and a new generation of Ghostbusters… is sent on all the jobs Ray, Winston, Peter, and Egon just don't feel like taking on themselves. The Sanctum of Slime Ghostbusters-Bridget, Samuel, Gabriel, and Alan-have proven themselves many times over… first against the demon Dumazu, and later with the Ghostbusters of many other dimensions in the recent Crossing Over event. Now they're ready for an easy gig, something like a simple haunted house. But they better be careful… you never know Wat could happen.
In Shops: Jan 16, 2019
Final Orders Due: Dec 17, 2018
SRP: $4.99

#GhostCorps: IDW Teases Something Big for Ghostbusters in 2019

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