Green Arrow Vs The Flash

DC is trying a new thing on their Youtube channel. They call it Versus, where they pit one character against the other. But instead of something like Super Hero Beatdown where we see the actual fight, this is more giving the histories and strengths of the characters and letting the fans decide. This is the type of things fans have been doing for as long as there have been comics. Could Batman beat Superman? Could Wonder Woman beat Green Lantern? Not exactly sure why you'd want to pit hero versus hero, but that seems to be the most popular…. that or crossing publishers.

For their first episode they've decided to pit the Emerald Archer versus the Scarlet Speedster. I can see why they'd choose this from a marketing perspective… both characters lead their own CW television series. But power level wise, they're very different. The Green Arrow can do many things well and could probably take on a half dozen armed thugs with a reasonable expectation of walking away mostly unharmed. The Flash can do that in the blink of an eye and then go take on another dozen. For Oliver Queen, I'd find it more interesting if he was pitted against Batman, Nightwing, Vigilante or any other non-meta hero. Barry Allen is better of against metas in his weight class. As much as I'm a fan of Green Arrow, my favorite DC character, I just can't see him matching up against Flash without a lot of preparation.

Either way, the video is a nice montage of the two characters. Now the Minute Match Ups pitting Flash vs Quicksilver and Green Arrow vs Hawkeye… now those were fun (see below).

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