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dark knight returns vs kingdom come superman
It's been a while since DC has released a new Versus video, but they are back and they're going with variations on two of their biggest characters Entering the Versus ring this week is the Frank Miller take on an older Bruce Wayne from Dark Knight Returns going up against the Mark Waid / Alex[...]
Dark Knights
The DC Versus video series can be fun Most of the time, they put two DC Comic characters against one another and tell you why they will win and why the might lose Then they leave it up to the viewers to decide Sometimes the battles are fair or evenly matched, while others seem totally[...]
Flash barry allen vs. wally west
DC Versus is back, and this week they put Barry Allen up against Wally West in a battle of the Flash vs the Flash Neither of them are the first person to wear the Mantle — that goes to Jay Garrick — and they are in a world wherein speedsters are rather plentiful But the[...]
Joker vs Red Hood
One of the things I really like about the DC Versus videos is that they often make you think of two characters who have never fought nor have any real reason to Determination and motivation play into any fight and have to be considered So when you pit Superman vs Captain Marvel, the why matters[...]
Batman Beyond
This week's Versus from DC pits the Bruce Wayne version of Batman against the Terry McGinnis version, or Batman Beyond The Dark Knight of the future against the original Caped Crusader Kind of an interesting choice in combatants as Bruce is also Terry's mentor He taught Terry everything Terry knows, but I doubt Bruce taught[...]
Superman vs Shazam
Most of the time, DC's Versus videos pit two people that normally wouldn't fight against one another and argue why either one could win These videos have featured various pairings, some of which seemed good and others as total mismatches This week's fight is not only a decent match-up, but it's one that has been[...]
Flash vs Black Lightning
It's Friday so we get another round of DC Versus and this week sees The Flash vs Black Lightning It's an interesting match up and one we may get to see in live action if the new Black Lightning series with Cress Williams does well on the CW Seeing him battle against or with Grant[...]
It's The Joker Against The Riddler In The Latest DC Versus
But the newest DC Versus pits the Culprit of Conundrums against the Clown Prince of Crime in a battle of wits and fits Where Nygma is brilliant, he is also hampered by his obsession over puzzles and riddles which can be used against him Joker on the other hand is insane, completely insane, and has[...]
Nightwing Vs Red Hood In The Latest DC Versus
A lot of the DC Versus videos pit two characters who seem very different and a fight would be implausible or their powers don't really equate Others seem to be pretty much on-line like the League of Assassins (Shadows) versus the Court of Owls This weeks is not only balanced and plausible, but likely to[...]
Catwoman Against Black Canary In Latest DC Versus
I really enjoy these DC Versus videos because they tend to pit two characters against each other that you wouldn't normally think about fighting This week though, where I am a fan of both characters, there just doesn't seem to be a balance here Catwoman is a good fighter, agile and clever She is for[...]
It's Damian Wayne Vs Jonathan Kent In The Latest DC Versus
The latest DC Versus is another showdown that I never would've thought of… mainly because I'm a little behind on my reading and I'm not too familiar with Jonathan Kent, the new Superboy and I'm not the biggest Damian Wayne fan That said… I am fascinated by the potential of this particular battle[...]
DC's Deadshot Vs Deathstroke Should Be A Series
The Versus series from DC is usually fun from the fan point of view, pitting heroes or villains against each other that you wouldn't normally see fight This week's Versus is slightly different in that I think it would make for one hell of a mini-series / graphic novel… I'd happily pay to read a[...]
The Venue Is The Key In Aquaman Vs Green Lantern
This week's Versus from DC pits hero vs hero with the king of Atlantis, Aquaman taking on the Green Lantern of Earth, Hal Jordan The underwater world and deep space are two places man has yet to fully explore and I think this match up makes me realize these characters aren't full explored either Hal[...]
Battle Of The Big Bads – Bane Vs Solomon Grundy
I have to say I really like these Versus videos that DC is doing It makes you think about pitting characters against each other that you might not normally see Like this week I'd never of thought of putting Solomon Grundy up against Bane Truth is, I don't think about Grundy all that much Never[...]
Superman Vs Doctor Fate – Might Against Magic
DC's weekly Versus series has hit on what may be one of the most interesting matches and one that I don't know if we've ever gotten to see Superman vs Doctor Fate Being a Kryptonian under a yellow sun gives Kal-El an enormous amount of power including super-strength, speed, flight, x-ray vision, heat ray eyes,[...]