"Green Hornet Without Kato Would Make For An Incomplete Story." – Daryl Gregory On Legenderry: Green Hornet

As the Green Hornet and Kato team up with the Brass Hornet in Legenderry: Green Hornet #4, Byron Brewer checked in with series writer Daryl Gregory. Cover art by Sergio Davila.

LegenderryGH04CovADavilaBYRON BREWER: Daryl, has it been fun writing Green Hornet and Kato in this steampunk world? Does it present you with challenges, or actually free you up from some?

DARYL GREGORY: On one hand, it's a shame not to be adding to the canon in the main universe. But on the other hand, it's incredibly freeing to not have to worry about much continuity, and to lay the foundation for stories to come. I imagine myself shouting at future Legenderry writers, "Deal with my choices, lackeys! Wait, where'd you get that retcon button? Stop!"

BB: You once told me the character of Kato is pivotal in this world and to your storyline: why?

DG: In my mind, the title of the book is "Legenderry: Green Hornet and Kato." They're a team, and GH without Kato would make for an incomplete story. Kato isn't a teenage sidekick — he's a grown man, with his own reasons for doing what he's doing. I'd love to spend even more time on the nuances of his relationship to GH, but this comic is mostly about snappy dialogue and the kicking of the butt.

BB: How the heck are the two Hornets and Kato gonna make it on a five-mile walk on foot with every gang in the city after them?

DG: This is where I'm supposed to say, "Tune in next week to find out!" But I will say that this is the issue that is most directly influenced by one of my favorite movies, The Warriors, with a nod to another favorite movie, The Blues Brothers. (As a native Chicagoan, it is my sacred birthright to be allowed to insert references to Jake and Elwood on anything I work on.)

BB: Tell us about the character of Lidia Valcallan from your perspective.

DG: Poor Lidia. I would have liked to have written more about her before she became the bride of BlackMass, the main villain of Bill Willingham's world. What would she have been like when she was scrambling for power, murdering her way to the top of the crime world? But now she has to keep a demonic husband fed with souls, and that eats up a woman's time. At this point, she's a woman seriously considering divorce, if she only knew the right dark-arts-wielding lawyer to do the deed. And yes, I realize that the term "dark-arts-wielding lawyer" is redundant.

BB: How has it been working with artist Brent Peeples?

DG: It's been so much fun. I write down crazy stuff, and he makes it crazier. Crazier, better, and beautiful.

BB: The BRASS Hornet?? Really??!

DG: REALLY!!!! (I just wanted to use more punctuation than you.) By issue #4, people will have a lot more information about this new Hornet and the secrets behind that helmet.

For more information on Legenderry: Green Hornet #4, click here.

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