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Titans #24 cover by Brandon Peterson
The origin of these demonic beasts is almost tragic, and Miss Martian's cold solution makes the ending just as tragic. Titans #24 art by Brent Peeples, Matt Santorelli, and Ivan Plascencia Brandon Peterson leaves the comic on this issue, leaving it to Brent Peeples to take over the art of Titans Peeples' art is slimmer, sleeker, and[...]
Super Sons #16 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
Plus, it's hard to feel like Kid Amazo is a legitimate threat given how easy-going Superboy and Robin are about everything, and it doesn't help how generic Kid Amazo is as a villain. However, the affection Superman and Batman show for their respective children is still endearing, and the aforementioned chemistry between Jonathan and Damian salvages[...]
Gold Key Alliance
Pulling together some of the classic comic heroes like Magnus: Robot Fighter, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Solare: Man of the Atom, written by Phil Hester with art by Brent Peeples. Turok, Dinosaur Hunter Magnus, Robot Fighter Solar, Man of the Atom The Mighty Samson The legendary heroes whose adventures have thrilled comic book readers for over[...]
Castle Talk: Marc Andreyko, Brent Peeples, David Sexton Talk Love Is Love And Internet Anger
Organizer Marc Andreyko and two artists on the book, Brent Peeples and David Sexton, talk about the New York Times Best Seller. Listen here: Listen on YouTube: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: INTERVIEW: Love is Love: Marc Andreyko, David Sexton and Brent Peeples (Podcast/Talk/Reviews) (       Castle of Horror Podcast Links: Join us over on Facebook to chime[...]
Phil Hester Tried To Get Dagar The Invincible Into Gold Key Alliance
Interiors by Brent Peeples and cover by Felipe Massafera . PHIL HESTER: Before she begins asking me questions, Nancy [Collins] and I need to perform the Secret Former Swamp Thing Creator Handshake (the rest of y'all, don't look, okay?) Now, let's get started: NANCY COLLINS: Did you grow up reading the original Gold Key characters like I[...]
Phil Hester On Writing Dinosaurs When Your Kid Is A Paleontologist
We also have cover by Felipe Massafera and interiors are by Brent Peeples and Morgan Hickman. CORINNA BECHKO: I have to admit to a deep love of dinosaurs, so I'm thrilled they play a key role in this story When writing non-human characters, such as animals (or androids), do you find yourself approaching them in a[...]
Phil Hester's Writers Commentary For Gold Key Alliance #1
Art by Brent Peeples. PAGE 1 I've always been a sucker for those John Byrne-style close up splash pages with a character uttering some shocking or intriguing line, so why not kick off the whole series with one? Samson not only starts us off with a bang, but hints at some subtext for the series. PAGES 2-5 The idea[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Gold Key Alliance #1 And Miss Fury #1
We start off with one I'm really excited about, Gold Key Alliance #1 from Phil Hester and Brent Peeples It modernizes and pulls together Turok, Magnus, Solar and the Mighty Samson For me though, it is great to see Brent on this project He and I worked together on a Sinbad story arc over at[...]
Phil Hester Talks Modernizing Classic Heroes Like Magnus And Turok
I guess the hard work was cooking up a way for each character to make sense in a contemporary setting, but once we'd done that the adventures themselves sort of clicked right away. BB: Did artist Brent Peeples do new designs for ALL of the revamped GK characters? Did you have imput into these designs, if[...]
Phil Hester Talks Gold Key: Alliance #1
Byron Brewer caught up with the writer about Gold Key: Alliance #1 and working with artist Brent Peeples Cover art by Felipe Massafera. BYRON BREWER: This miniseries continues Dynamite's celebration of the Gold Key Universe Phil, tell me how this particular limited series came to be? Is it the climax we have been waiting for when[...]
The 10 Retailer Exclusive Covers For Today's Red Sonja #1
These include the art of Denis Calero, Brent Peeples and Nei Ruffino. RED SONJA VOL 3 #1 Cover K – Dennis Calero (AOD Collectibles Exclusive) RED SONJA VOL 3 #1 Cover L – Ashley Witter (AOD Collectibles Exclusive) RED SONJA VOL 3 #1 Cover M – Ashley Witter "Black & White" (AOD Collectibles Exclusive) Website: Twitter: @AODCOLLECTABLES RED SONJA VOL[...]
Process Art For Comic Block's Exclusive Red Sonja / Conan Cover
Here is the process art for Brent Peeples' cover for the Comic Block exclusive Red Sonja / Conan #1 from Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse This comic is included in the Comic Block shipping next week. For more information on how to get this cover, check out Here is the process art for[...]