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Guardians of the Galaxy #150 Review: A Satisfying (Possible) Ending for the Series

Adam Warlock is back! Sorta. He is in a dreamlike realm that may very well be the Soul Gem. He is seeing possible futures, and they all look very grim.

Back in our galaxy, the Nova traitors make themselves known, and it's the few "loyal" Nova Corps members, comedian Scott Adsit, legendary Nova Rich Rider, and the Guardians against the full might of the Talon Cult of the Shi'ar Empire.

Guardians of the Galaxy #150 cover by Alex Ross
Guardians of the Galaxy #150 cover by Alex Ross

As far as grand finales go, this is a good one. Guardians of the Galaxy #150 gives the long-awaited and much-advertised return of a classic cosmic Marvel hero, the enigmatic and star of Jim Starlin's eye Adam Warlock. It has a grand battle between our heroes and the Shi'ar Talons.

There are some cool and crazy gambits taken to overwhelm the bad guys. Ant-Man is actually given a lot of the spotlight in this issue, though Nova Rocket Raccoon does some cool stuff too.

Drax's pacifist arc comes to a head in this book. It's actually a little surprising, and it gives him the most closure out of anyone on the team given this book may be ending.

More Ricard Rider would have been nice. He doesn't actually show up until the last third-or-so of the comic, and he doesn't get to do anything especially exciting.

The Shi'ar Talons are still underwhelming antagonists in this finale. They mostly serve as faceless grunts to get pummeled by the Guardians, and even the leader Talonar doesn't really get to do much beyond give menacing lines.

Oh, and that whole thing about Robbie Rider being brainwashed by the Talons? It never comes up. It's never mentioned, and Richard never finds out.

The fracturing in the Guardians of the Galaxy is never resolved either. For all we know, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket still all hate Star-Lord's guts.

Regarding those last two points, I am aware that Infinity Countdown is serving as a continuation to Guardians of the Galaxy and may have originally been issues #151-155. Those plot points are still loose ends that could have at least been acknowledged in this five-dollar extra-sized conclusion to the series.

Adam Warlock's story does get an interesting continuation in this comic, and I'm sure it'll come to its own head in Infinity Countdown.

Guardains of the Galaxy #150 art by Marcus To, Aaron Kuder (pictured), and Ian Herring (pictured)
Guardains of the Galaxy #150 art by Marcus To, Aaron Kuder (pictured), and Ian Herring (pictured)

Marcus To and Aaron Kuder split the interior art of this comic. Kuder takes the Warlock portions which happen inside the presumed Soul Gem/Pod, and his style gives it a quirky tilt which works well for the character. To handles the rest, and his work remains as good as it has been in these past few issues. The action scenes and Rich's costume both look especially good. Ian Herring's color work is solid too, and it keeps the comic looking lively and dynamic.

Guardians of the Galaxy #150 is one of those rare things we get in comic books: a satisfying finale. It's not technically a finale, and I'm sure I'll be reading Infinity Pants or whatever comes next (credit to Jude Terror for that name). However, this was a fun comic that provided some closure for a few of its characters and the overall current plot. I can recommend this one fairly easily. Give it a read.

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