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Hiro, Baymax, and the Team Fight for San Fransokyo in 'Big Hero 6 The Series' Trailer
ET on Disney Channel. Credit: Disney Disney XD's Big Hero 6: The Series features Ryan Potter (Hiro Hamada), Scott Adsit (Baymax), Genesis Rodriguez (Honey Lemon), Jamie Chung (GoGo Tomago), Maya Rudolph (Aunt Cass), Alan Tudyk (Alistair Krei), and Stan Lee (Fred's wealthy father) returning to their original roles from the Walt Disney Animation Studios' Academy Award-winning movie[...]
Big Hero 6 The Series Gets Premiere Date from the Disney Channel
on Sunday, June 10th… making it a four-episode/two-hour premiere weekend. The announcement came in the form of a video with Baymax (Scott Adsit) promising that "You will be satisfied with your care." Big Hero 6 The Series tells the story of 14-year-old boy genius Hiro (Ryan Potter), who attempts a balancing act with his academic/teen responsibilities and[...]
Marvel Releases Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Series Trailer
Their search leads them on a fox hunt through the mysterious and corrupt town. Scott Adsit, Bob Balaban, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Zoe Chao, Chaske Spencer, Jordan Bridges, David Call, Michael J Burg and Lannon Killea also lend their voices to the series; with comedian/talk show host Chris Gethard (Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People, The Chris Gethard[...]
Guardians of the Galaxy #150 cover by Alex Ross
He is seeing possible futures, and they all look very grim. Back in our galaxy, the Nova traitors make themselves known, and it's the few "loyal" Nova Corps members, comedian Scott Adsit, legendary Nova Rich Rider, and the Guardians against the full might of the Talon Cult of the Shi'ar Empire. Guardians of the Galaxy #150 cover[...]
Guardians of the Galaxy #149 cover by Aaron Kuder and Jordie Bellaire
Many of Groot's kin are attacking the station, and it's up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to beat back the thought-to-be-extinct species. Back at Nova Corps HQ, Rocket Raccoon helps 30 Rock star and current Nova Commander Scott Adsit weed out the Talon-loyal traitors to the Corps His methods are a little more unconventional than[...]
Marvel Legacy Guardians Of The Galaxy #146 Review: Unexciting, But Promising
In doing so, they find a threat that is surprisingly familiar to Scott Lang… Guardians of the Galaxy #146 cover by Aaron Kuder and Ive Svorcina Also, Scott Adsit (stand-up comedian and star of 30 Rock) is one of the leaders of the new Nova Corps Go frigging figure Apparently, he's friends with writer Gerry Dugan and[...]
John Byrne's League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen For 30 Rock's Scott Adsit
30 Rock's Scott Adsit posted on the John Byrne forum about his new acquisition, Ladies and Gentlemen, John Byrne has entered his own No Fly Zone. I give you the one-time-only, never again, morally depraved, ethically corrupt, unscrupulous, artistically impossible, hideous travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of[...]
NYCC – Adult Swim Edition: The Heart, She Holler
The panelists entered to the "America's Funniest Home Videos" theme song and consisted of John Lee (Creator), Alyson Levy (Creator), Amy Sedaris (Hurshe Heartshe), Scott Adsit (Sheriff), and Judith Roberts ("Meemaw" Virginia Dare). After asking if we wanted to hear the theme song again, Glaser immediately went to audience Q&A The first question was if they[...]
On A Scale Of One To Ten Rate Your Pain – A 2 Minute Clip From Big Hero 6
A new clip for Big Hero 6 aired during ABC's The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic. Adapted from the Marvel comic of the same name, the film features a voice cast of Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, TJ Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr., Genesis Rodriguez, Daniel Henney, Maya Rudolph, James Cromwell and Alan Tudyk and is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams Disney's Big Hero 6 opens in theaters November[...]