Her Infernal Descent #4 Review: Another Emotionally Powerful Issue

Lynn is wondering a vast white void with no idea where to go or where she even is. Eventually, she finds a hotel under construction by angels. They are renovating this portion of Hell to expand Heaven. After she finally escapes this place, she is plunged into a realm of violence and pain which leads to an endless highway where cars are constantly crashing.

Her Infernal Descent #4 cover by Kyle Charles and Dee Cunniffe
Her Infernal Descent #4 cover by Kyle Charles and Dee Cunniffe

Her Infernal Descent #4 is the penultimate issue of this miniseries. Lynn is getting closer to her family, and this also means that she is moving closer to the pain of what happened. We receive some hints about what exactly happened at the time of her family's death and its causes.

We also meet a pair of new historical figures: Hunter S. Thompson and J.G. Ballard.

The section in the angelic hotel is a little bit of a drag. It's still interesting, but it lacks in comparison to the philosophical and religious implications of the rest of this series. It makes a few references to capitalism and connecting it to how Heaven operates. The comic shines more when Lynn moves into the next realm.

I'll still cop to this being an English student's dream, but it is approachable to anyone interested in a journey of self-exploration and the depths of human misery.

Her Infernal Descent #4 art by Kyle Charles and Dee Cunniffe
Her Infernal Descent #4 art by Kyle Charles and Dee Cunniffe

Kyle Charles' artwork does an excellent job of depicting the immense sorrow on Lynn's face. It's outright painful to read in spots because of Charles' fantastic artwork. Plus, things get wild again when the book moves onto the next Circle of Hell. Hunter S. Thompson especially gets a pretty wild introduction. Dee Cunniffe gives a sickly and wrong color palette that suits the comic excellently.

Her Infernal Descent #4 is another emotionally intense and thoroughly imaginative dive deeper into both Hell and Lynn's personal misery. Mix that in with more historical figures speaking cryptic advice and excellent artwork from Charles and Cunniffe, and you have a comic well worth recommending. Give this one a read.

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