John Layman is The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time, From AfterShock in February

John Layman is The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time, From AfterShock Comics in February

The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time launches in February, from John Layman, Karl Mostert and Dee Cunniffe. Here's the solicitation: THE MAN WHO F#%&ED UP TIME #1 Writer: John Layman Artist: Karl Mostert Colorist: Dee Cunniffe Letterer: John Layman Cover: Karl Mostert w/ Dee Cunniffe 1:15 Incentive Cover: Larry Stroman Sean Bennett is just your […]

Late Paying Publishers in 2019 - AfterShock Comics

How Fast Do Publishers Pay in 2019 – AfterShock Comics?

It's no secret that a number of comic book publishers are a little late in paying creators right now. You get a spate every few years or so. So I thought I'd do an audit on anyone I'd heard issues about. For the next few days, I will try and approach publishers and their creators […]

Ted Anderson and Nuno Plati Kill All Adults in New AfterShock Comic Orphan Age

AfterShock Comics has announced a new series from Ted Anderson, Nuno Plati, and Marshall Dillon in which all of the adults in the world die suddenly, forcing children to rebuild society without their help. Basically, a post-millennial power fantasy. The solicit follows: ORPHAN AGE #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color / ON […]

AfterShock Warns Readers That Their Comics Are Dangerous

In a public service announcement published by The Hollywood Reporter, AfterShock Comics warned readers of the dangers of reading their comic books in 2019. According to promotional materials from the publisher, reading AfterShock Comics could result in serious injury, including but not limited to "blowing readers' minds" when AfterShock comic books "cut across all genres." […]

God Country to Be a Movie as Donny Cates Ascends to Global Superstar Status

If you thought hot shot comic book writer Donny Cates was confident before, wait until you see him after he's scored a big-time Hollywood movie deal! Even worse, wait until you see Rich Johnston step up his game of writing Cates gooey love letters disguised as Bleeding Cool articles! That's right, Donny Cates is about to transcend […]

AfterShock's NYCC Plans Including Exclusive Variants by Juan Doe, Declan Shalvey

Seismic creator-owned comic book publisher AfterShock Comics has revealed their plans for New York Comic Con, including the sweet, sweet exclusive variants you'll be able to pick up at the show from AfterShock Booth #2242. The publisher is sending a delegation of AfterShock executives and management including Editor-in-Chief Mike Marts, Publisher/Chief Creative Officer Joe Pruett, […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 29th, 2018: X-Men Soars, Nightwing Trips

We've come to the end of another week. The Hunt for Wolverine reached its Dead Ends, Rick and Morty fought D&D, and Nightwing, Daredevil, Batgirl, and Red Hood and the Outlaws all had annuals. What were the best and worst of the week? I dunno, I haven't decided yet. Read it below to find out. Wins 1. X-Men: Blue #34 The House always […]

A Walk Through Hell #4 cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia

A Walk Through Hell #4 Review: Another Shock Moment, and Another Triumph

We rejoin McGregor and Shaw remembering their interrogation of Carnahan. Their chief, Driscoll, tells them they need to find something to keep Carnahan on. The interrogation is a failure, and Carnahan is set lose. Worse yet, another of their suspects is found dead, killing another lead. In the present, they still have no clue where […]

Beyonders #1 cover by Wesley St. Claire

Beyonders #1 Review: Predictable Conspiracy Themes and an Unlikable Protagonist

Jacob Tate is about to finish high school. He is heavily invested in conspiracy theories. He has a one-eyed Welsh corgi named Shadwell and lives with his normal aunt and uncle. He struggles in school because of his focus on conspiracy theories, and all his college applications have been denied. However, his hobby is about […]