Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020 – DC Hardcovers, Batman, Marvel, Aliens and Rick & Morty Figures

We've got the Hero Collector from Eaglemoss solicitations for comic book stores for April 2020, both comics collections and figures. Collectors, time to dig in. And we begin with the harcover comic collections…



Hero Collector brings together some of DC's most critical superhero adventures in a series of hardback collections, each including classic bonus material from the Golden and Silver Age!

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020

#121 – JLA: Two Thousand

RRP: £11.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCGUK121, Barcode: 977205437358421

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 176pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Tom Peyer

Artist(s): Val Semeiks

Product Description: When the evil futurist T.O. Morrow manipulates the timestream, the Justice Society of America are pitted against the Justice League of America – mysterious heroes from the distant future of the year 2000! Collects DC Two Thousand #1-2. Includes classic 1964 backup story from The Flash #143 – T.O. Morrow's debut!

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020

#122 – Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds

RRP: £11.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCGUK122, Barcode: 977205437358422

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 176pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Geoff Johns

Artist(s): Scott Koblish, George Perez

Product Description: Two Supermen. Three Legions. Only one victor! Superboy-Prime, a spoiled brat from a dead universe, has been let loose on the 31st Century. But while one Legion may be doomed, three Legions from three different alternative realities may just have a fighting chance… Collects Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1-5. Includes classic 1994 backup story Legion of Super Heroes #0 – the future gets a reboot!

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020

#123 – Supergirl: Way of the World

RRP: £11.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCGUK123, Barcode: 977205437358423

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 144pp, 175mm x 260mm

Author(s): Kelley Puckett

Artist(s): Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder

Product Description: Supergirl promises to save the life of a terminally ill young boy, but how far can she go to beat death? Will Supergirl succeed in her impossible mission, or will her adopted world teach her the most painful lesson of all? Collects Supergirl # #28-33. Includes classic 1972 backup story: Resurrection Man #1, the first appearance of the unkillable Mitch Shelley!


Experience the life story of Batman from beginning to end, in this Hero Collector series of essential stories starring the Dark Knight and his greatest allies and enemies, each collected in hardcover!

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020

#60 – Batman: No Man's Land (Part 2)

RRP: £10.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCLUK060, Barcode: 977251498221960

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 216pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Chuck Dixon, Larry Hama, Greg Rucka

Artist(s): Mat Broome, Mike Deodato Jr., Dan Jurgens, Damion Scott, Bill Sienkiewicz

Product Description: After the nightmare of Gotham's downfall, the Dark Knight rallies his scattered forces – including the new Batgirl, Cassandra Cain! Poison Ivy's self-made paradise faces a serpent in the form of Clayface, Harvey Dent puts Jim Gordon on trial, and Bane sets out to destroy Gotham's history. Collects Shadow of the Bat #88, Legends of the Dark Knight #120, Detective Comics #735-736 and #738-739, Batman #568 and #571-572.

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020

#61 – Batman: No Man's Land (Part 3)

RRP: £10.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCLUK061, Barcode: 977251498221961

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 216pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Greg Rucka, Devin Grayson

Artist(s): Rick Burchett, Sergio Cariello, Dale Eaglesham, Pablo Raimondi, Paul Ryan, Damion Scott

Product Description: The mysterious figure manipulating Gotham's plight is revealed, as Lex Luthor announces his bid to rebuild the fallen city as the centre of his new empire – and only the Dark Knight stands in his way! Meanwhile, the Joker seeks to steal the spotlight with a crime that will destroy all hope for the future. Collects Shadow of the Bat #93-94, Legends of the Dark Knight #125-126, Detective Comics #740-741, and Batman #573-574.


Celebrate over 50 years of Star Trek comics with Hero Collector, in a series of hardback collections of the best Starfleet comic and manga stories from publishers such as DC, Marvel, IDW, Malibu, Wildstorm, and TokyoPop!

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020

#85 – Star Trek The Next Generation: Second Chances

RRP: $19.95/£10.99

SKU: SGNUK085, Barcode: 977239745411785

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 500g

Print Spec: 144pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Michael Jan Friedman, Kevin Ryan

Artist(s): Chuck Frazier, Carlos Garzon, Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos

Product Description: These stories, from regular TNG writer Michael Jan Friedman, see Picard literally bring the Enterprise back together – after separating the ship's saucer in a conflict with a new species, the Sztazzan! Plus, sleeping crew are abducted by solanagen-based lifeforms, freak Q radiation transforms officers to adolescents, and conflict brews with the Cardassians… Collects Star Trek The Next Generation #42-46 (DC).

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020

#86 – Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Sole Asylum

RRP: $19.95/£10.99 (n

SKU: SGNUK086, Barcode: 977239745411786

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 463g

Print Spec: 128pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Colin Clayton, Chris Dows, Leonard Kirk, Mark Paniccia

Artist(s): Rob Davis, Craig Gilmore, Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallot, Rod Whigham

Product Description: The Malibu Star Trek DS9 comics told new tales with the cast of the acclaimed sci-fi show. As the Cardassians study William Riker's duplicate "Thomas" for the secret of duplication, Sisko must secure the release of the man he put in chains. Tuvok and Bashir negotiate their way out of a Klingon cell, Jadzia Dax faces an honour duel on Qo'noS, and a prison break turns bloody… Collects Star Trek Deep Space Nine #29-32 (Malibu).



This definitive Alien & Predator figurine collection captures characters from the Alien, Predator, AVP and Prometheus franchises in realistic detail as hand-painted figurines.

MEGA – Xenomorph (Vent Attack)

RRP: $149.95/£109.99

SKU: MSCUK039, Barcode: 5059072005951

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 255mm, Width: 255mm, Weight: 2482g

Print Spec: 4pp, 170 x 210mm

Product Description: As terror on the Nostromo reached new heights, Captain Dallas braved the vents with a flamethrower in search of the alien stalking his crew – only to be ambushed by the creature itself! The xenomorph is captured here part-way through in its iconic lunge, as a mega-size statuette.

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020


Hero Collector is proud to present a 1:16 figurine collection inspired by every era of Batman's comic book history!

Box Set #1 – Batman (1940s, 1970s, 2000s)

RRP: $64.99/£49.99

SKU: DMBUK007, Barcode: 5059072002820

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 133–137mm, Weight: 119–178g

Print Spec: 12pp, 145 x 190mm (x3)

Product Description: This box-set collects three 1:16 figurines showcasing the Dark Knight throughout his history – from his earliest appearance in the 40s, through to the globetrotting 70s, and the New 52 tales of the 2010s!



The official and definitive collection of characters from the Marvel Studios films, meticulously rendered as 1:16 scale hand-painted resin models.

#103 – Ronin

RRP: £13.99 (not US available)

SKU: MMFUK103, Barcode: 977205951582803

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 122mm, Weight: 98g

Print Spec: 16pp, 220 x 285mm

Product Description: Once the heart of the Avengers, Clint Barton lost everything when Thanos wiped out half of humanity. As Ronin he stalked the globe, eliminating those he felt didn't deserve to have survived "the snap".

#104 – Yon-Rogg

RRP: £13.99 (not US available)

SKU: MMFUK104, Barcode: 977205951582804

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 127mm, Weight: 110g

Print Spec: 16pp, 220 x 285mm

Product Description: Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) was the Kree leader of Starforce and the mentor to 'Vers' – an amnesiac Carol Danvers. The two came to blows over the Kree-Skrull war on C-53; Carol's home planet, also known as Earth.

#105 – Iron Man (QR Suit)

RRP: £13.99 (not US available)

SKU: MMFUK105, Barcode: 977205951582805

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 135mm, Weight: 105g

Print Spec: 16pp, 220 x 285mm

Product Description: Tony Stark constructed special timesuits to allow the Avengers to survive the quantum realm – and so travel through time. His own version was a new suit of Iron Man armour, equipped with a Time-Space GPS.

Special #15 – Smart Hulk (Avengers: Endgame)

RRP: £26.99 (not US available)

SKU: MMFUK815, Barcode: 9781858759494

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 166mm, Weight: 342g

Print Spec: 16pp, 220 x 285mm

Product Description: In the years after the Avengers' defeat by Thanos, Bruce Banner fused himself and the Hulk into a single being – with brains and brawn united at last, the Hulk became an adored celebrity the world over.

Hero Collector Solicitations April 2020


This official collection of heavyweight statuettes depicts iconic Marvel Studios characters, meticulously rendered in hand-painted full cast metal and packaged in a collector's tin.

#1 – Iron Man (Mark XLVI)

RRP: $39.95 (not UK available)

SKU: MMHUK001, Barcode: 5059072006996

Material: Hand-Painted Full Cast

Height: 135mm, Weight: 272g

Product Description: Playboy, billionaire, philanthropist – and superhero! As Iron Man, Tony Stark battles threats to world stability – but in Captain America: Civil War, his fellow Avengers became one of them!

#2 – Captain America (Avengers: Infinity War)

RRP: $39.95 (not UK available)

SKU: MMHUK002, Barcode: 5059072007009

Material: Hand-Painted Full Cast

Height: 121mm, Weight: 216g

Product Description: Stripped of his famous vibranium shield, Captain America (Chris Evans) takes up a pair of Wakandan shield-gauntlets to fight off Thanos' invading alien army in Avengers: Infinity War!

#3 – Spider-Man (Iron Spider)

RRP: $39.95 (not UK available)

SKU: MMHUK003, Barcode: 5059072007016

Material: Hand-Painted Full Cast

Height: 103mm, Weight: 226g

Product Description: When young Peter Parker (Tom Holland) hitches a ride on an alien spacecraft in Avengers: Infinity War, the stylish new Iron Spider suit keeps Spider-Man alive on his biggest adventure yet!


Hero Collector showcases much-loved characters from across the Rick And Morty multiverse, each recreated at 1:16 scale alongside an in-depth magazine!

#3 – Mr. Meeseeks

RRP: £15.99 (not US available)

SKU: RAMUK003, Barcode: 5059072006972

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 116mm, Weight: 66g

Print Spec: 16pp, 145 x 190mm

Product Description: He's Mr. Meeseeks! Look at him! This obnoxiously helpful homunculus is stood beside the Mr. Meeseeks Box that summoned it, cheerfully awaiting a request for help.

#4 – Summer Smith

RRP: £15.99 (not US available)

SKU: RAMUK004, Barcode: 5059072006989

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 110mm, Weight: 63g

Print Spec: 16pp, 145 x 190mm

Product Description: Boo-ya! Morty's teen sister, Summer often feels like she's missing out when her genius grandpa and idiot brother go on their adventures. The feeling seldom lasts when she joins in.

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