IDW To Publish Boy -1. Will Girl 1 Have To Change Its Name?

unnamed (1)Well, this is embarrassing. Actor/writer/director Noel Clarke, best known for playing Mickey in Doctor Who, has a comic book coming out from Doctor Who comic publishing Titan Comics in the near future called Girl 1.

It might need a name change. Because IDW, who used to publish the Doctor Who comic, are publishing a new title in August called Boy-1.

Which is already planned to be a TV show for next year.

Writtern by HS Tak and drawn by Amancay Nahuelpan, Boy-1 is

the futuristic journey of a man who discovers he is the subject of a groundbreaking experiment that spins out of control and soon threatens the extinction of all mankind. With nations hunting him as they struggle to maintain order, every move he makes comes with a thousand repercussions.

BOY-1 is set in a world after the completion of The Human Genome Project heralds a new age in science, medicine, and technology, but any form of human cloning has been deemed incompatible with society's standard of ethics.

It then goes on to explore what could happen if a group of intrepid researchers didn't listen…

It is being developed for television by Scripted World (Alon Aranya & Rob Golenberg), the producers behind Hostages and Betrayal.

Covers by Zach Howard and Amancay Nahuelpan….

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