Image Hits The Liefeld Lotto With Extreme Studios Revival Via "Extreme Anthology"


Just a day after we learned that superstar comics artist Sir Robert Liefeld signed a deal with Graham King and Akiva Goldsman to bring his Extreme Studios comics to Hollywood, it now turns out that Liefeld will also be bringing his Extreme Studios comics to… comics! According to an EXXXCLUSIVE report at Carrie Fisher memorial clickbait hub, Liefeld will honor himself and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1992 founding of Image with an Extreme Studios revival at the company.

So can we expect a butt load of #1 issues this year, and if we're lucky, a long tail of eventual #2 issues sometime in the far future? Not this time! Liefeld has a totally radical idea to contain all his awesome ideas in one place, and, if all goes well, keep the trains running on time: an Extreme Studios Anthology!

There is an Extreme Anthology book because, A, I love anthologies and I love these characters. We've got great stories for them and we figure that that's a great place for people to familiarize themselves. I remember when we launched Darker Image, Bloodwulf appeared for the fist time in a million comics. People love Darker Image and then we never followed it up. That was a kick ass book with three medium sized stories. So I've wanted to revisit that. Certainly Bloodwulf will be in this Extreme Anthology.

Totally awesome, dudes! We don't know when the anthology will be out, who else will be involved, and whether there will be additional series as well.'s headline gives the impression that multiple "franchises" are being revived, but nothing in the actual article reveals anything but the anthology itself. However, we do already know that Liefeld's Youngblood is also coming back in 2017 from Liefeld, Chad Bowers, and Jim Towe.

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