Incognegro: Renaissance #4 Review – Good Characters and a Tight Mystery

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Zane and Bette avoid being captured by the police and leave the hospital. They regroup back at the bar Zane frequents, and he has more questions about Bette and what she knows about Xavier. This puts Zane on the trail of another attendant of Van Horn's party: an actor named Douglass.

Incognegro: Renaissance #4 cover by Warren Pleece
Incognegro: Renaissance #4 cover by Warren Pleece

Incognegro: Renaissance #4 gets back to more straightforward reporter detective work in this issue. It does so while building the relationship and chemistry between Zane and Bette. Their interactions are so charming that you could be forgiven for forgetting that we're not entirely sure she is 100% trustworthy.

Zane's investigation into Douglass leads to interesting revelations about Xavier, and the historical context adds extra intrigue to said revelations. I won't spoil them for you, but this comic is interested in confronting more than one social issue with which America has and continues to grapple.

Zane continues to deepen as a character too, showing naivete to accompany his dedication to investigating stories for his newspaper. Those qualities would normally seem to be at odds with one another, but Renaissance is able to make both believable in the character of Zane Pinchback.

Incognegro: Renaissance #4 art by Warren Pleece
Incognegro: Renaissance #4 art by Warren Pleece

Warren Pleece's artwork once more depicts the characters and their emotions with clarity and appeal. The artwork looks good overall, though it does lack some stylism. That may be an odd observation to bring up four issues into the miniseries, but the only style choice the art makes is the black-and-white color palette. More exaggeration, motion, or general unique tweaking to the artwork would add a lot to the visual identity of this comic. That's not to say that the comic looks bad. It doesn't. It could just use a little more to give it an aesthetic edge.

Incognegro: Renaissance #4 is another intriguing issue which is fun to read for its mystery story prowess. While the text is a little heavy in this issue, it feels earned in how it advances the plot along. The characters are interesting, the art is solid, and the story is engaging. This one earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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