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X-O Manowar #18 cover by Lewis Larosa and Diego Rodriguez

X-O Manowar #18 Review: A Fine Finish

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Aric and Sabbas are in the gladiatorial arena trying to survive the simulated naval battle being held. The two use this as an opportunity to escape and make it out of the arena. Aric is still intent on finding his friend Gafti's brother, Batwin. Arin sneaks into the compound where Batwin is being […]

X-O Manowar #17 cover by Lewis Larosa and Diego Rodriguez

X-O Manowar #17 [Late] Review: Historical Fiction Interrupting the Sci-Fi

I’m still a little off-put by this fairly dry and straightforward historical fiction being dropped into this otherwise high sci-fi title, and it’s nakedly a holding pattern while Harbinger Wars II finishes up.It’s not badly-written; Matt Kindt is as talented as ever Aric isn’t an especially interesting character in this tale[...]

The Dead Hand #5 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire

The Dead Hand #5 Review: More Cold War Intrigue and Danger

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Harriet has come face-to-face with Roger, aka the Dead Hand. Roger panics, but Carter calms him as best as possible. Carter and Renae get her out of the room, but Roger wants to talk to Harriet again soon. Carter and Renae are now forced to explain what the Dead Hand and what Mountainview […]

Real Science Adventures: The Nicodemus Job #1 cover by Meredith M. McClaren

Real Science Adventures: The Nicodemus Job #1 Review – Almost Charming Enough to Work

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Nicolas Fardas is drinking himself into oblivion at a Constantinople dive when Archimedes Vasilakas arrives with an opportunity. Archimedes has had his property stolen by Terazin Berikos, the man who ruined Nicolas's life. This convinces Nicolas to help, and he puts together a team to get back at Berikos. This includes Sofana the […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics, Week of July 4th, 2018: From Hulk to Inhumans

It's a bit late again, and I didn't get around to doing it last week. However, the Top and Bottom 5 Comics is back again this week. What soared? What fell on its face? Let's find out together now! Best Comics of the Week 1. Immortal Hulk #2 Immortal Hulk kicked off with a hell of […]

Sword Daughter #2 cover by Greg Smallwood

Sword Daughter #2 Review: Smart, Atmospheric, and Compelling

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Elsbeth and Dags ride a fishing vessel away from Norway, ultimately landing in Ireland. Here, they find a woman with the back of her head caved in, and the local constable immediately blames Elsbeth and her father. Dags intuits that this is not the first of such killings and lands a job hunting […]

Incognegro: Renaissance #5 cover by Warren Pleece

Incognegro: Renaissance #5 Review – Closure and Small Victories

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Zane and Bette plan to expose Van Horn as a fraud and having plagiarized Xavier's manuscript. Bette receives a threatening invitation to meet at the Waldorf Astoria. She must go alone, so she helps Zane put together a disguise to get in as well. She meets with the perpetrator of it all, and […]

X-O Manowar #16 cover by Lewis Larosa and Diego Rodriguez

X-O Manowar #16 Review: Harbinger Wars II Holding Pattern

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Sabbas is hunted by the brothers of the slaver he killed, and he escapes on a boat, meeting a writer along the way. The two have a bizarrely shared vision of a tale of a cursed ring. Elsewhere, Aric continues to fight the Huns wherever he can. This leads him into the presence […]

Brothers Dracul #3 cover by Mirko Colak and Maria Santaolalla

Brothers Dracul #3 Review: A Grindhouse Action Comic

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Vlad, Radu, and Mehmed are now hunting vampires across the Ottoman realm, and we join the on one such raid against the creatures. Vlad leads the charge, but Radu is pinned down after taking a few of the monsters down. Vlad asks Mehmed to help Radu, but Mehmed freezes. Vlad must save his […]

Pestilence: A Story of Satan #2 cover by Tim Bradstreet

Pestilence: A Story of Satan #2 Review – Thoroughly Unpleasant

[user_id] [user_id] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Pope Price has been gathering the former infected as an excuse to sate his illicit desires. Satan has taken notice and uses this opportunity to make the Pope an offer. Elsewhere, Roderick and the Fiat Lux fight another horde of the eaters, and the devil confronts the knight here. He threatens […]

Mata Hari #4 cover by Ariela Kristantina and Pat Masioni

Mata Hari #4 Review: Taking the Power Back

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The interrogation of Mata Hari continues, and she is beginning to break. We see how she joined up with the circus and later became a dancer in the theater. We see her becoming a liaison for important men across Europe. All the while, she wants nothing more than to get custody of her […]

World of Tanks: Citadel #2 cover by Isaac Hannaford

World of Tanks: Citadel #2 Review – Tanks Blowing Up for 20 Pages

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Russian and German tank brigades clash on the Russian front. Piotr and Ginger are barely avoiding fire from the Superpanzers until they discover something odd about the Panzer tank column. Meanwhile, Karl and Freddie are swarmed by Soviet tanks. World of Tanks: Citadel #2 is a World War II and tank nerd's […]

Xerxes #3 cover by Frank Miller

Xerxes #3 Review: Better, but It's Still Not Good

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Xerxes has returned home to the Persian Empire as its ruler. We see the beginning and ending of his rule. We see him seeking a wife and finding it in Esther, niece of Mordecai of Judea. She marries Xerxes on the condition that he and Persia will spare the people of Zion. The […]

Sword Daughter #1 cover by Greg Smallwood

Sword Daughter #1 Review: An Atmospheric and Beautiful Start

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Elisabeth is the daughter of Dags. The two live in Norway. Ten years ago, their village was raided and slaughtered by a Viking clan called the Forty Swords. Dags went catatonic for ten years while Elisabeth took care of him. Now, he is awake with a daughter that doesn't properly know him. He […]

Clan Killers #1 cover by Antonio Fuso

Clan Killers #1 Advance Review: Child Disobedience on a Biblical Level

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Finola is the daughter of an Irish king called Padraig the Grotesque. She and her friend, Cillian have run away from their respective homes, the former the king and the latter the local monastery. Padraig is tearing a warpath across Ireland, and Finola hates him for it, and she hates the goddess he […]

X-O Manowar #15 cover by Lewis Larosa and Diego Rodriguez

X-O Manowar #15 Review: Jumping Back in Time While Deciding the Future

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] While X-O Manowar tries to determine the best course of action regarding the upcoming Harbinger War, Shanhara, Aric's suit, takes us back to the earlier days of Aric and the Visigoths. We focus on two figures: Sabbas and Aric. Sabbas is a slave worker in the mines of Zambia, and Aric stakes out […]

Incognegro: Renaissance #4 cover by Warren Pleece

Incognegro: Renaissance #4 Review – Good Characters and a Tight Mystery

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Zane and Bette avoid being captured by the police and leave the hospital. They regroup back at the bar Zane frequents, and he has more questions about Bette and what she knows about Xavier. This puts Zane on the trail of another attendant of Van Horn's party: an actor named Douglass. Incognegro: Renaissance […]

Brothers Dracul #2 cover by Mirko Colak and Maria Santaolalla

Brothers Dracul #2 Review: A Fine Mixture of Character Drama and Horror

Mehmet comes to grips with his own inadequacy during the fight.The first issue disappointed me somewhat with its sidetracking of what, at first glance, seemed to be a straightforward historical fiction by injecting it with the predictable vampiric elements that now accompany the legend of Vlad the Impaler Brothers Dracul #2 asks why we can’t[...]