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Indie Comic Spotlight- Captives By Fright Comics

Indie Comic Spotlight- Captives By Fright Comics

Every once in a while, I'm going to spotlight indie comics that I come across or are sent to me that I think are worth discussing. These won't be reviews exactly; they will just be discussing the positive points of creators who are flying under the radar that deserve more attention than they are currently getting.

Today, we will be looking at Captives, by Alexander Banchitta, Robert Ahmad, and Dan Parsons. It's a high fantasy comic about a group of adventurers exploring a labyrinth which leads to a legendary castle. For those who are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, this reads like a D&D campaign that has been teased out into a proper narrative for reading consumption.

Indie Comic Spotlight- Captives By Fright Comics

There are a lot of creative heavy fantasy concepts running throughout this series. In the third issue, they dive into the labyrinth itself, and it is very elaborately conceived and put together.

Fans of classic Conan and Kull the Conqueror will definitely enjoy its old fantasy sensibilities and wide cast of characters, including warriors, mages, and barbarians.

Indie Comic Spotlight- Captives By Fright Comics

Another of the biggest standouts is the art by Robert Ahmad. This comic not only reads like an old swords-and-sorcery comic book, it looks like an old swords-and-sorcery comic book. Ahmad has a style that highlights the muscle and forms of the brave warriors within and has a kinetic style that makes the action very satisfying.

Dan Parsons, who has done work for DC, Dark Horse Star Wars comics, and some Game of Thrones artwork, does the inking work, which does add some nice depth and emphasizes the detail on the page.

Indie Comic Spotlight- Captives By Fright Comics

These are published under the umbrella of Fright Comics, and they have some very consumer-friendly business practices.

The first issue of Captives is free on their website, and issues two and three are only 99-cents.

So, check out Captives by Fright Comics. It's a cool read with some damn fine artwork. Currently, these issues are only available through the site as well as some comic stores in the Seattle area. Check this one out.

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