Infidel #2 Review: Continues to Terrify and Absorb the Reader

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In light of the incident with Leslie, Aisha has gone to her doctor and received a prescription for a different anti-anxiety medication. However, she keeps seeing the phantoms in the corner of rooms, and they're getting more vivid. Aisha worries that this will frighten Leslie or Kris, but what if the visions are real?

Infidel #2 cover by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia
Infidel #2 cover by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia

Infidel follows up the subtle social horror of its first issue with an unending nightmare of grotesque ghouls and specters crawling out of every page capitalizing on the anxieties of Aisha and everyone around her.

That's not to say the subtleties and focus on racial tension is lost. The contrary is true; the literal horrors are used to bolster the social ones. Every freak-out and peculiar reaction worsens Aisha's fears that Leslie will turn on her again, even as Leslie seems to become more accepting of Aisha.

The pacing and panel sequencing is brilliant to boot. It allows a sudden appearance of a spirit to almost work like a jump-scare with appropriate setup.

Aisha remains a likable lead to boot, and you can easily care for her. Kris and her Star Wars fascination are endearing. Also, the ghosts are visually unpleasant and genuinely frightening.

Infidel #2 art by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia
Infidel #2 art by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia

Aaron Campbell's artwork is gorgeous in its mixture of realistic detailing and unnervingly gritty texturing. The written narrative to this book is fantastic, but the visuals really pull it all together, especially regarding the horrific specters lurking around every corner. Jose Villarrubia's colorwork is dim and well balanced too, and the overall book is just damn beautiful.

Infidel #2 follows up on the promise and engagement of the first issue with aplomb. Pornsak Pichetshote's writing continues to be endlessly absorbing, and Campbell and Villarrubia's artwork crafts a world unlike any other. This comic earns another strong recommendation. Give it a read and don't miss out.

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