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Infidel #5 cover by Aaron Campbell
Medina knows she must get out of the building with the Misbaha if Aisha is going to survive the night, but the entities of the building will do anything to stop her, and Tom isn't in his right mind any longer. Infidel #5 cover by Aaron Campbell Infidel #5 brings the miniseries to a very bittersweet ending[...]
Top and Bottom 5 Comics of June 20th, 2018: Spider-Man Genuinely Goes Down Swinging
That's worth something on its own. Infidel #4 cover by Aaron Campbell 4 Infidel #4 Infidel continued its streak of unnerving and disturbing this week with a well-handled lead character shift as well as further creature feature and genuine emotional engagement thanks to Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell Days of Hate #6 cover by Danijel Zezelj 5[...]
Infidel #4 cover by Aaron Campbell
Reynolds and Ethan stumble across a man who knew Arthur Quinn, and, having seen the entities in the apartment building too, Ethan agrees to return to the apartment with Medina in the hopes of finding an item that could save Aisha. Infidel #4 cover by Aaron Campbell Aisha is a fantastic character, so her well-being genuinely has[...]
Infidel #3 cover by Aaron Campbell, Alina Urosov, and Jose Villarrubia
The Grace, Ethan, and Reynolds meet up to talk about this and share their own thoughts. Infidel #3 cover by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia Infidel shifts its attention away from Aisha in this issue, focusing more on Medina and the rest of their friends Whether Aisha will recover is something Infidel manages to keep up in[...]
Infidel #2 cover by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia
Aisha worries that this will frighten Leslie or Kris, but what if the visions are real? Infidel #2 cover by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia Infidel follows up the subtle social horror of its first issue with an unending nightmare of grotesque ghouls and specters crawling out of every page capitalizing on the anxieties of Aisha and[...]
Comics 03/14/18
I'm actually quite proud of how the two of us managed to stay on topic. The comics we discussed this time were Avengers: No Surrender #684, New Mutants: Dead Souls #1, Batman: Detective Comics #976, Vampironica #1, and Infidel #1. Oddly enough, we also managed to agree on almost every point too We both greatly disliked Avengers, thought New Mutants and Vampironica were solid enough to varying degrees,[...]
Infidel #1 cover by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia
What if it's something more? Infidel #1 cover by Aaron Campbell and Jose Villarrubia What makes for good horror comic? How do you, when you're still a visual medium, scare an audience who has direct control of the pacing of your story? Infidel #1, and other successful horror tales, use outright disturbing imagery that can unnerve a reader[...]
The Dark Pigman Returns –  The Most Right Wing Comic On The Planet?
It's going to happen. But no matter how far DC Comics choose to expand their political diversity, odds are they aren't going to go quite as far as the openly Islamophobic comic The Infidel. A comic, within, it presents a superhero comic in which Pigman faces The SuperJihad and hordes of Islamic followers all over the world. Heavily[...]
Bosch Fawstin Talks About The Daily Show
Bosch Fawstin appeared on the show to plug his comic Infidel – and he talks about what made it in, what didn't, and how bits were cut You can read a trasncript of the show here. Overall Bosch Fawstin appreciated the piece and the Daily Show's treatment of him but he wanted to clear up a[...]
Bosch Fawstin And Pigman Hit The Daily Show (Video And Transcript)
Aasif Mandvi of the Daily Show interviewed Bosch Fawstin, creator of the Infidel comic book a couple of weeks ago, which aired last night And with judicious use of editing, totally pwned him. Bosch: In a time of war, when we're facing Jihad,I think its the last thing DC Comics out to be be doing[...]
Review: The Infidel by Bosch Fawstin – Starring Pigman
The Infidel is a comic by Bosch Fawstin that's been in the works for a number of years And this week, just as it is to feature on The Daily Show, it's gone live. I have mocked this comic book a number of times, on Lying In The Gutters at CBR and recently on Bleeding Cool,[...]