Is There A Glimmer Of Hope To Be Found In They're Not Like Us #11?

In my last review of They're Not Like Us I voiced the deflated feelings I was having about the series. Something was missing. The explosive content that had gripped me in the first story ARC was gone, and I wasn't sure if it was coming back. I wish I was here to report that They're Not Like Us #11 rekindles that flame, but sadly, it didn't. From Image Comics, written by Eric Stephenson, with art by Simon GaneThey're Not Like Us #11 tried…but didn't really succeed. However, I don't want to be completely negative here. There was a glimmer of hope…



At this point, the secret society isn't enough. Syd is meeting new characters, some that have some serious anger issues, but it feels too forced. What was once a flawless script has become clouded, almost cluttered. Sure, watching characters minds be manipulated can be amusing, but it isn't enough anymore. The only saving grace in this issue was Misery Kid turning himself in. The local authorities are now involved in the storyline, which is long overdue. I'm surprised that Misery Kid spilled his guts revealing information about The Voice and all of the others, but happy in a way. Now they're on a mission to find Tabitha.

I know what you're thinking…she spoiled the climax of the issue. Well, I'm here to tell you that I didn't. There are many "pivotal" moments throughout, and the ending filled me with that deflated feeling again. What I stated above was the most interesting part of the issue for me. With all that said, I think I'll hang on for one more issue. Hopefully They're Not Like Us #12 will rekindle that flame I'm missing. Perhaps I'm alone in my feelings. Find out for yourself and grab a copy of They're Not Like Us #11. 

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