Is This Why Uncanny X-Men #600 Reprints Bizarre Adventures #27 From 1981?

Bizarre_Adventures_Vol_1_27Tomorrow sees the release of Uncanny X-Men #600. Finally,

As well as the main story by Brian Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Mahmud Asrar, Stuart Immonen, Kris Anka, Chris Bachalo, David Marquez and Frazer Irving, we get a reprint of the Iceman story from Bizarre Adventures #27 by Mary Jo Duffy, George Perez and Alfredo Alcala in its original black and white.

Much has been made about a conversation that happens in this issue between Iceman's older and younger selves regarding his sexuality. The younger Iceman has come out, the older Iceman has not.

Timey wimey,

Anyway, in Bizarre Adventures #27, a story I read in a Marvel UK reprint, the college-set story sees Bobby Drake at Dartmouth College, surrounded by ice statues of superheroes – including Angel, then a member of the Champions.

BizarreAdventures27-XMen-25 It's worth pointing out that the younger Iceman in All-New X-Men has pointed out the prettiness of Warren Worthington III. Could this have been what Bendis picked up on most when crafting this current storyline?

All-New X-Men 040-011

Anyway, Drake decides to add his own ice statue, what with his powers and all…

Is This Why Uncanny X-Men #600 Reprints Bizarre Adventures #27 From 1981? DaVinci and Michelangelo? Gay. Probably.


"Fickle". Yes, that's why. And I know that "freshman" is mostly used in a gender neutral fashion, but with the nature of this issue, could it have been a little more literal?Is This Why Uncanny X-Men #600 Reprints Bizarre Adventures #27 From 1981?

Uncanny X-Men #600 is published tomorrow from Marvel Comics

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