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Red Bull Launches Several AR Games Under "Discover Your Wiiings"
Red Bull revealed this week that they have launched a new series of AR games with a few celebrities under the name Discover Your Wiiings This series of games featuring five athletes sponsored by the company, which will be live starting today and running all the way through March 31st on the Red Bull AR[...]
Niantic Shares New Details On Their Upcoming AR Platform
This week, Niantic revealed more details to their upcoming AR platform, and how it will shape games that they work on in the future The company published a full blog entry showing off the improvements they've made to their own tech It's pretty cool to see what they're working on to that AR works in[...]
GDC Nintendo Switch
Today the organizers of the 2018 Game Developers Conference have announced the results of a survey that included responses from nearly 4,000 professional game developers What you'll find most interesting are the results on interest in the Nintendo Switch and interest in loot boxes. It seems like interest in developing games for the Switch is growing with[...]
VR vs AR
VR and AR are something special for gamers Both offer an incredibly immersive experience that is the ultimate dream of video gamers everywhere, since they both intend to put players literally in the world of their favorite games. For most of the past couple years, VR has been the realm of dedicated PC gamers and people[...]
Star Wars: Jedi Challenges
Writing for Bleeding Cool is contributor Matt Cabral, Several hours into Star Wars: Jedi Challenges —Lenovo's and Disney's augmented reality experience from a galaxy far, far away— Darth Vader struck me down before chastising me with a menacingly familiar, "You are as clumsy as you are stupid." The Sith Lord's biting insult sounded like constructive criticism,[...]
Nielson did some research into the VR/AR market, with a focus on tracking the difference between gamers and the regular consumer electronics market They pin much of the interest on the latest Resident Evil, saying, "With the success of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, VR devices are proving to offer more immersive experiences as well as[...]
Faster Than Light #1, A New Image Comic That You Make Do Amazing Things
Brian has sent us the cover and five internal pages – but that's just the start of it. Because, as with a number of Haberlin's books, the pages of this comic have considerable amounts of AR, a way to talk those pages and turn them into walking, talking 3D animations spilling off the pages – and so[...]
The New Features Of The Marvel AR App – With Video From SXSW!
Regular readers at Bleeding Cool know that we enjoy the Marvel AR App, often filming it direct and shoving it on YouTube Indeed Marvel execs have let it be known that they enjoy our coverage of the Marvel AR App as well – and complain when we miss a few weeks. Well, at SXSW, Marvel announced[...]
A Most Peculiar Conversation In Infinity – Marvel AR
There seems to be some issues with some of the Marvel AR content in recent comics The Thanos's son AR moment in New Avengers #10 towards the end of the issue just doesn't work (when an earlier AR mention does) and there are two AR spots in Indestructible Hulk #13, neither or which work. And despite[...]
New Warriors And More From This Week's Marvel AR
From this week's Nova, if you put your little Marvel AR app over it, then you get… The New Warriors, then? For Marvel Now Two? Here's a look at some other Marvel AR content from this week's comics. [youtube][/youtube]   From this week's Nova, if you put your little Marvel AR app over it, then you get… The New[...]
Marvel's Secret AR Videos Teasing Infinity
From Avengers #14 to #17 and New Avengers #7 to #8, secret AR videos triggered by pages without the usual AR logo, with Executive Editor Tom Brevoort teasing you about aspects of the upcoming Infinity event Inhumans, Thanos, Avengers, Builders, dimensional incursions… and how it all ties in. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
New Comic Book Project From Marvel And Walt Disney Imagineers (VIDEO)
Ryan Penagos tweets; Photo: Ask to see something #weird at the Imagineering area at #D23Expo & get this @Marvel poster I spill… — Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) August 10, 2013 A quick run through Marvel's AR App gets this video… [youtube][/youtube] More to come in September… [...]
Brian Bendis And Joe Quesada Talk Angela On Marvel AR
It was solicited that Neil Gaiman was to co-write Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 with Brian Bendis, specifically that he'd write the words for Angela That role was later changed to a "consultant" so I'm not sure if he wrote the first two pages of Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is the only time Angela[...]
Swipe File: Madman And Standard
On top The Standard issue 5… With a slightly familiar exclamation mark? Nevertheless, The Standard does have it's own superhero, Super Dude and a look at how Augmented Reality is bringing him to life. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [...]
The Topless Brian Posehn Talks Deadpool – Marvel AR
Not everyone has a device that runs Marvel AR So here's a look at some of the wackiness you could have found in the first couple of issues of Deadpool. Or you could skip to the end to ogle Brian Posehn's naked flesh… [youtube][/youtube] [...]
That Young Avengers AR From Marvel NOW! Point One
[youtube][/youtube] This is the Marvel AR for the scene below from Marvel Point One. Note, "hip, young beamslingers", a reference to the NME ad for "hip, young gunslingers" that recruited Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons Will this ad have as serious and as damaging effect? Also, "be there or be involved in a string of massive corporate[...]
Previously On Avengers Vs X-Men… The New Marvel AR Preview Video
Take the cover of tomorrow's Avengers Vs X-Men #4… and it triggers a new motion comic summing up the story so far And jiggling Hope around quite a bit. [youtube][/youtube]   Take the cover of tomorrow's Avengers Vs X-Men #4… and it triggers a new motion comic summing up the story so far[...]
New Augmented Reality Content For Marvel's AVX Hardcover And The Future Of $3.99
You know how some collections of comics like to add forewords, afterwords, sketches, deleted scenes, script, commentary and the like? Well, now Marvel will be adding extra virtual material as well. The recent AR material has been such a hit, according to Marvel's SVP David Gabriel talking to ComicVine, that there will be extra content triggered[...]
Now The French Do Augmented Reality Comics Better As Well
We've all seen and enjoyed the Augmented Reality that Marvel has been introducing into its comics of late. But that's nothing, as usual, compared to what the French get up to with their comics Here's an example using the graphic novel "La Douce" or The Twelfth by Francois Schuiten, published by Dupuis. Wow However at no point[...]
Odd Things In The Marvel AR Android App
We've already seen how some if the AVX imagery can trigger a 3D Iron Man walking around the device on your screen. But one of Bleeding Cool's more technologically minded Little Bleeders, Matt Watts, has been having a closer look at the Marvel AR App on his Android device And with a but of jiggery pokery[...]
Marvel AR Reader Pops Out A 3D Iron Man
Put your Apple device over it with the Marvel AR App Play around with what happens. I wonder what other images out there trigger interesting things on App in question… Anyone fancy some research? [youtube][/youtube]   Take a random Avengers Vs X-Men image Put your Apple device over it with the Marvel AR App[...]
When Axel Alonso Walked Across My Comic Book
Here is video taken from the second use of the Marvel Augmented Reader on Avengers Vs X-Men #1 We ran the first earlier this week There are further examples that show off original pencilled and inked artwork, as well as an address from Brian Bendis… but this is by far the most brilliant. Try it yourself[...]
That Nova Digital Comic – Avengers Vs X-Men Infinite #1
So I was slightly confused by the announcements at SXSW, conflating certain aspects of Marvel AR and Marvel Infinite Comics into each other Handily, Marvel have just made it a little clearer. So, Avengers Vs X-Men #1 Infinite, from Mark Waid and Stuart Immonen, with the new Nova, can be bought on April 4th on the[...]