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Javier Rodriguez Moves The Needle With Al Ewing For Marvel Legacy In Royals, Exploring The Kree's Progenitors

When Marvel Legacy rolls around this Fall, the industry-changing event will affect every title and character. Royals by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez will be affected by… basically continuing to tell its ongoing story without interruption. Hey, in the modern comics industry, that's borderline revolutionary!

Javier Rodriguez Moves The Needle With Al Ewing For Marvel Legacy In Royals, Exploring The Kree's Progenitors

Revealed in an EXCLUSIVE on Marvel media partner website CBR, as part of their quest to find the original Terrigen and kill off one of their own for a sales boost, the Inhumans Royal Family will discover The Progenitors, who apparently created the Kree, who created the Inhumans. And it turns out that the Inhumans' grandparents are OUT FOR REVENGE!

In the CBR article, Ewing sheds some light on why we should care, saying, "This is me jamming my science fiction hat on so far there's just a little pair of feet poking out of it. The reason to be excited about the Progenitors isn't because of their continuity connections, or the earth-shattering revelations they embody that will change the entirety of Marvel Space forever — I've pushed that button before, and it doesn't bring the boys to the yard. The reason to be excited by these dudes is because they are incredibly awesome."

We have to say, we truly appreciate Ewing's stark honesty about comic book publishing gimmickry. Not enough to accept the Inhumans as a replacement for the X-Men, but we do appreciate it.

Breaking conventional Marvel wisdom, Ewing credits Rodriguez for making The Progenitors so awesome. "They're a brand-new alien threat to the Marvel Universe, beautifully designed by Javier Rodriguez, and they are a Type IV Civilization on the Kardashev scale. Working with Javier on this lets me map out their whole way of being to correspond with his amazing art – he's inspiring me to take things to the next level and beyond."

Check out the solicit below:


  • Written by AL EWING
  • Penciled by JAVIER RODRIGUEZ
  • If the Inhuman race was born of Kree experiments, then who made the Kree? Enter the Progenitors! Meanwhile the Inhuman Royal Family, led by Black Bolt and Medusa, are searching for the Prima Materia—the original Terrigen. But even if they find the chemical that will save their dying race…can they escape the revenge of its creators? It has been foretold that of the seven who left Earth, only six will return—and Medusa is already dying. Who will the Royals lose?

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